Saturday, September 14, 2013

Vita Liberata Review (Holiday Gift Guide)

During the winter months, I do not always have time to stop by at my local tanner. I am always looking for other options to get my skin that natural tan I am looking for. I am always scared to go to holiday get together and be the lightest person there. I am usually a pale person, so it become very awkward.

Recently I was introduced to Vita Liberata and their self tanning products. Here is a little background on Vita Liberata: Vita Liberata is a luxury self tan and skincare brand. Vita Liberata is the first oodourless tan. Their products are completely non toxic and 80 percent organic. When I learned about they product the offered on their site I was excited that I was going to be able to try their products for the holidays. I received three products to try out. They are pHenomenal, Rich Face and Rich tinted tan gel.

The first product was Rich tinted tan gel. I love the concept of this product. This product offers an instant tan. Which is great to tan and go. If you have a holiday party coming up you can tan and go. This product is non toxic and organic. When I first applied this product on my skin there was no strong smell to this self tanner. When I was rubbing this product in my skin I also noticed that their was no noticeable streaking. When I applied the self tanner it rubs very easily in my skin and looks natural. It took about 5 hours to get that golden bronze that I was looking for. I was pretty impressed by this product. I did not have time to go to a tanner and I applied this product and it looked just as good or even better. It took about 5 hours and all I had to do was rub this product in my skin and go. Very simple and easy. 

PHenomeenal is the next product that I received. If you are looking for a longer lasting product than this is your product. This product is last 4 times longer and also has a natural fade. This product is available in fair, medium and dark. What I like about this product is that new technology pHeno2 works with time release DHA which will release DHA over time. When I tried this I fell in love with it. My tan last about a week and half before I had to re-apply this product. When I applied this product to my skin it rubbed in my skin leaving it streak free. It also absorbed in my skin pretty quickly. I also liked how this product left my skin soft and smoothed after applying. If you are using this product you need to use a tanning mitt. After using this product I did not see results until 10 hours. It can take 3-24 hours to notice the tan. When you noticed the tan forming you want to rinse lightly with water and pat dry with a towel. After this another coast is recommended. Than you can repeat again after the second time for a third. This will help you get the full effect from this product. I would recommend this product if you are going on vacation or a trip to the families. Having that long lasting natural tan would be perfect.

The last product that I received was Rich Face. Rich face is a light tinted moisturizing gel. I noticed results in roughly 5 hours. The normal waiting time for results is 4-8 hours. This product is a great moisturizer and instant bronzing for the face and neck area. When I applied this to face area I noticed that it blended very well and did not leave a weird looking bronze. This product can be used for your everyday moisturizer. Since I have sensitive skin  was afraid that this product would irritate it. This product can be used for any skin type. I use this product now for my everyday mositurizer.

I would highly recommend Vita Liberata for your holiday needs. I know for me personally I tend to get busy and do not have extra time going to the tanning booth. This product can replace the tanning booth and bring you that beautiful tan you are looking for. Also it is a safe product that will not hurt your skin during the process. You can find their products here.

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