Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stunt Buggy Review and Giveaway

I love having a five year old boy! The reason why is when he is at school I am able to play with some of his toys. SHH don't tell him. One of my son favorite toys are RC toys. He is always zooming something around the house. I always try to find the RC toys because sometimes they are good and sometimes they are a disappointment. 

When I was introduced to MyWebRC Stunt Buggy my mind has been set on how amazing this RC toy is. Not only does my son loves this RC toy, I find myself playing with it when he as school. 

A little about the Stunt Buggy. The Stunt Buggy is created by MyWebRC. This little machine can just do about any stunt you can imagine. You can put int a garbage barrel and it can be put into circular motions. You can also put this stunt buggy in a flower vase and it defies gravity, climbing up the wall. If you press the turbo button on the controller it will make the stunt buggy peel out of control. You can control this care and make it drive forward, backward, left and right.

When we received this stunt buggy in the mail my son was super excited. You know how boys get when they get a special surprise in the mail. He was literally jumping up and down. When we took the stunt buggy out of the package we noticed that their was a rechargeable batter pack. Which is fantastic. After you are done playing with this stunt buggy you can plug it right in to the battery pack and it can start instantly charging for you. My favorite thing about this car is that you do not have to constantly change batteries. That drives me nuts. 

My son and I had so much fun driving this stunt buggy. We put it on every surface imaginable. When it comes to my son and I we always get in trouble playing with toys. We loved how we put this in a circular container and it went around in circle. That was awesome. I was amazed with the quality of the car and how sturdy it is. When were playing with it you tend to get a little rough with the car. After playing with the car there was not damage at all. You can find their product at their website.

One lucky readers is going to be able to win one of their own stunt buggy. Emmy's deals is not responsible for prize or shipping. Enter below



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  1. I like the stunt buggy real cool and followed by GFC, Joe Hawk.

  2. My son loves all RC cars! Anything that he can drive down the driveway and launch over the edge!

  3. My grandson would LOVE The stunt buggy!

  4. We'd love to try the Stunt Buggy!

  5. The stunt buggy would have to be my favorite!

  6. Anything RC is loved by our family - we have a track in our backyard and are always looking for new toys to use it!! :)


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