Saturday, September 7, 2013

Puffs Fresh Faces Review

Today in the mail we received a package today. When we opened it up there was a nice white box inside with a pretty blue ribbon. It was pretty and I did not want to open up the box. When I opened the package up inside was a variety of different products fro Puffs Fresh Faces. If you are familiar with the product Boogie Wipes and enjoy Boogie Wipes you will absolutely fall in love with Puffs Fresh Face.

Push Fresh Faces is a new line of products that recently came out. Puffs Fresh Face products are built on the same high quality foundation of moist saline wipes. What I like about this line of products is that it is targeted for adults. I am very excited that they came out with a line of products to take care of our skin. I can say I fell in love with their nose and face wipes! I have been trying their product out for the past several days. Their wipes are great for removing makeup. I love how their wipes do not burn while using them which is great because I have sensitive skin. This product would be great for women who go to the gym at work out. After workout this product would be good for facial refresher. I personally use this product for a daily cleanser myself.

This product also is great for colds and the flu. That time of season is creeping around the corner. I know that I am going to stash one of these packs in my car in case of a cold emergency. They are good for sneezes, mucus, allergies and the flu.

Puffs Fresh faces come in several scents Light Lavender, touch of Vicks which is great for colds and they are also fragrance free, and Fresh scent.

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I did no receive compensation for this post. I received several product to perform and honest review. 100 percent my honest opinion. 

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