Friday, September 6, 2013

Mega Bloks Review

One of my sons new favorite toys is Mega Bloks! Every store we go it seems like another set adds to my car mysteriously. My son claims that he did not put it in my cart. Although I know better than that. We were very excited to learn that Mega Bloks are coming out with a fall line. 

My son and daughter were ecstatic when the Mega Bloks box came and there were two sets inside. A big red firetruck set for my daughter and a skylanders robot for my son.

My son and daughter both like Firetruck Finn from the First Builders collection. I had to keep reminding my son that it was his sisters toy. That he had another toy. My daughter loved the big red firetruck and kept moving it around and making sound effects to go with it. This product is great and easy to store. There are 13 blocks that come with this firetruck, but you can store them inside the fire truck. I love this feature so the blocks do not get lost. You can also move the ladder which is great and my daughter always seems to put fireman Finn up there. This toy is recommend for ages 1-5. Which I would agree my two and five year old both played with it together. My daughter usually does not keep interest in many toys but this one is one of her favorites. You can also use this set with the other First Builder sets also.

Than my son received Skylanders Giants Arkeyan Robot King with Beast-Mode Pop Fizz. You can just imagine what happened when my five year old pulled this out of the box. It looked like it was Christmas time!. He is a major fan of Skylanders Giants so anything Skylanders he will fall in love with.  He just recently started becoming interested in robots. When we received this set you can imagine a five year old patients NONE. He had to have me put it together right away or I would not get any peace. I would never let him know my little secret in that I actually like putting these sets together. It a fun project to do with my son and it brings one on one time. He can put majority of together, but he get stumped at times. Where sometimes the pieces are hard to put together or instruction are confusing. To me when  do it alone it simple and easy. I love how the pieces go together well. Sometimes I have to fight with one or two pieces. There is a lot of detail with this set. My son loves the little guys that come with it. He also loves the fist from the robot that flies out and knocks the guys over. It stays together pretty well and great quality. I would recommend this toy and it is a lot of fun. I even find my self playing with it. SHHHH. Do not tell my son.

You can find these amazing set with a bunch of their other set at their website here


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