Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hydra Veretal Review

I am very excited to let you know that their are new product that recently came out from Yves Rocher. In previous posts I could not get enough of Yves Rocher products. Well this time around I am here to tell you Yves Rocher is still amazing. They recently came out with a line called Hydra Vegetal. 

The three product that I received from Yves Rocher was Gel Frais Anti Poches Fresh Gel Undereye Bags, Hydrating Miceller Water 2 in 1, and Moisture Capture Botanical Saps Better for Hydration.

Fresh Gel Undereye Bags
The first product that I tried was their Gel Frais Anti Poches Fresh Gel Undereye Bags gel. This product come in a .5fl oz tube. I know as a single mom of two can be very tiring at times. When one comes down with an illness it sleepless nights for me. Than I get these awful puffy dark circles. I really like this product where you apply underneath your eye and it immediately refreshes and hydrates the skin. Within a week I noticed that my eyes looked a lot better and they did not look tired and puffy anymore. This product comes in handy.

Hydrating Day Cream SPF25 - Normal to Combination SkinThe next product that I was able to try was their Hydrating Day Cream. This product comes in 1.6 fl oz jar. This is a perfect hydrating cream for your skin. The texture of the cream is a whip texture. I love the feel of this particular cream. It also absorbs very well in the skin. Leaving a feeling of nice smooth skin. I also like this product because you can use it as a base for makeup. Another use for this product will help protect your skin against sunlight. I really enjoyed using this product. 

Hydrating Micellar Water Face & Eyes
The last product that I was able to try was their Hydrating Miceller 2 in 1. This product comes in a 6.7 fl oz bottle.  This product is amazing for removing makeup. This product is very gentle and will not sting your eyes. I know in the past some products are hard on your skin and causing burning close tot he eyes. This product is amazing I used it several times and it takes my makeup off and does not irrate my skin or my eyes. That is very important to me sense I suffer from sensitive skin. I used this product twice a day morning and night. 

Yves Rocher have done it again. They brought great facial products out again. I can officialy say I have never been disappointing in their products. I enjoy using their products and would highly recommend them. You can find these great products on their website with many other amazing products.

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