Monday, September 9, 2013

Home Right Steam Machine Review and Giveaway

The holiday season is coming up and I know this time gets crazy. During this time more people come over for parties and get together. My biggest fear is germs. Since my daughter has a illness I get afraid that my daughter would get sick or catch more illness this winter season.

When I clean my home sometimes I get discourage because it seems like it takes for ever. At times I wonder if I am actually killing all those unwanted germs in my household. Recently I was introduced to Home Right Steam cleaner. I was very excited to be able to review this product. The reason why I wanted to try a steam cleaner because steam cleans more throughly than the chemicals that we use to clean with. The high temperatures and it also reaches in those nooks and crannies that you would normally miss. Missing those spot in my house was starting to concern me. 

Other benefits of using a steam cleaner is that they reach in places that you can not normally reach. Instead of buying those expensive chemicals that may or may not work. After buying products to clean it starts to add up. With a steam cleaner the only product you use is water, so your saving money. By using a steam cleaner you are guaranteed to kill about 99.9 percent of the germs.

I recently was able to try Home Right Steam Machine and it was truly amazing. When I first took it out to use it was very easy to figure out. They also had a variety of different of attachments that you can use with the steam machine. It had an attachment for every use imaginable. I cleaned my kitchen floor with the Home Right Steam cleaner. I have a dog that loves to stay in the kitchen and sometimes has accidents and it tends to get dirty. When I tried cleaning the floor with home right steam cleaner I was amazed on how quick it lifted the dirt and easy it was to use. Another great use for the steam cleaner is if you have kids like me you can use them to clean toys during the flu season or just any time your child sick.

This would make a great Christmas gift. This is what I wanted for a long time and I have fallen in love with my new steam cleaner. You can find these products on their website.

 Home right has given the opportunity for one reader to win their own steam cleaner for the holidays. Home right is responsible to ship and supply the prize. Enter below.

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  1. steam machine! as it would be great for keeping the germs down in the house with 4 grandkids.

  2. the steam machine would be great we have pets

  3. i love that the steam machine uses no chemicals to clean as i have young kids i try to minimize chemicals when i clean

  4. The steam machine. I could really use this!

  5. The steam machine for sure - I try to be very careful with not using strong chemicals, so getting a deep clean without them is awesome!

  6. I could really use the steam machine. Thanks!

    Holly Storm-Burge, hstorm799{at}gmail{dot}com

  7. The steam machine and the steam machine again! Heard amazing reviews about it and now your review is making the home run on it! Thank you!

  8. The Steam Machine, with a toddler and pets, it would be perfect in my house. Lol.

  9. I would love the steam machine.

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