Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dino Dan DVD 4 Pack From NCircle Entertainment Review and Giveaway

My son loves turning on the TV and watching Dino Dan. This is one of his favorite series. He absolutely loves learning new things about his favorite dinosaurs.He also love Dino Dan fun adventures. If your child like dinosaurs also than they are gong to love this new 4 pack DVD set from Ncircle Entertainment.

Dino Dan is a great show that you can follow and like pretty easily. Dino Dan is a 10 year old who loves dinosaurs. Dan eats, sleep and breaths dinosaurs. You will notice when you start watching the series in each episode we will imagine a different dinosaur. Throughout that episode you learn a lot about that specific dinosaur. It is a great adventure and if your children love Dino Dan they will have a blast. While my son is watching Dino Dan you can not get hist attention while watching this episode. In each episode Dan comes up with questions or theory and is set to prove his theories and answer his questions. He will conduct experiments to test the theories that he comes up with. There are times where he fails when it comes to his theory, but do not worry he does not give up until he answers his question and proves his theories. If your child is a fan or loves Dinosaurs than this is a great 4 pack DVD set for you.

Dino Dan DVDs are now available in a special 4-pack through NCircle Entertainment beginning September 24, 2013.  With a suggested retail price of $24.99 for four DVDs – Ready, Set, DINO!; Dino Trackers; To Catch a Dino! and Cretaceous Creatures! – the Dino Dan 4-pack also includes a bonus augmented reality feature on the DVD package that, when the code is scanned, brings dinosaurs to life!  The four-pack is available at Target stores nationwide from September 24.

You can enter for a chance to win below. Emmy's Deals is not responsible for shipping or providing the prize. 


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  1. Hard to choose one!! The kids would love the Dino!! Thank you!!

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