Monday, September 23, 2013

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Toys Exclusively at Toys "R" Us

When I found out that Toys "R" Us was bringing Daniel Tiger Neighborhood Toys into their stores, I was very excited. Toy's "R" Us came to agreement with Fred Rogers Company and licensing agency Out of the Blue Enterprises. After coming to and agreement we can finally find our favorite friends at Toys "R" Us. 

Daniel Tiger Neighborhood is always playing on my television in the morning, afternoon and evening. This is my daughter favorite television show of all time. We can not go with out a day of watching Daniel, Katrina, Owl and friends. I love watching my daughter get excited during the show and singing along to the songs from each episode. 

This September Toys "R" Toys recently came out with a new toy line for children ages 2-4. The new line includes

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Toy line
  • Daniel Tiger Feature Plush with his famous red cardigan sweater and red sneakers. 
  • Katerina Kitty cat Plush animal with her lovely green dress and bow.
  • 7" mini plush assortment
  • Two pack sets of 2.7" collectible figures 
  • Collectible figure gift pack featuring all five featured characters
  • neighborhood trolley with Daniel tiger figure
  • All-in-one Playset with Daniel Tiger and Prince Wednesday figures
  • Daniel's Imagination Bungalow Playset with Daniel Tiger Figure
  • 3 in 1 Imagination Treehouse Playset with Daniel Tiger, Katerina Kittycat and O the owl figures
When we received a package with Daniel Tiger Toys the first items we took out of the box were the two 7" plush of Katerina Kittycat and Miss Elaina. They were very soft and great quality stuff animals. They were great detailed and looked exactly like the characters on the television series. My daughter take around Katerina Kittycat with her and you hear my daughter saying meow meow.

Than we received the talking Katerina Kittycat. This was one of my personal favorite toys from this collection. My daughter loves interaction animals where they talk. When my daughter figured out that Katerina could talk she was super excited. Katerina is recommend for ages 2 and up. You can squeeze her left hand and she can say 12 phrases and sings about taking turns. Katerina does require 2 "AAA" batteries. My daughter loves watching Daniel with Katerina and especially the episode of taking turns. My daughter will play that and sing with Katerina. This is one of our favorite toys. 

Then we received several play sets in the package. We received Daniel Tiger's  house and Daniel figurine, O the Owl Tree house with Daniel and O the owl, and we also received Trolley and Daniel. We also received several sets of figurines that would also be able to go with the play sets. The figurines that we received Daniel, Katerina Kittycat, Elaina, Prince Wednesday, O the Owl. I like how the play sets can interact with each other. This is one of my daughters favorite toys and she is constantly playing with all three. We lay them out on the floor and she play will all the different figurines. I am impressed with the quality and durability of each figurine and play set. It quite important to me the durability since 2-4 year olds can be rough with toys at time. They still look brand new and none have cracked, scratch nor broke which is great!.
I would highly recommend this series for your little one. I know my daughter fell in love with the show and now is in love with their toys. I am very excited that Toys "R" Us came out with this line of Daniel Tigers Toys. Daniel Tiger Neighborhood toys are very reasonable price and would also make great collection for the holidays. You can find their line of toys here.
Please check back tomorrow when more detailed pictures will be added.
** I received one or more products for review purposes. My opinion is 100 percent my own opinion. **

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