Sunday, September 22, 2013

Build-A-Bear Workshop Party (Grand Rapids Rivertown Crossing Mall)

This weekend we had a blast at Build-A-Bear Workshop! My daughter is turning three on Monday and we decided to have a birthday party at Build-A-Bear Workshop. Build-A-Bear is amazing when it comes to birthday parties they have everything to get your party started and they make your child's birthday special.
Build-A-Bear is very easy to set up a party for your child birthday party. Build-A-Bear offers a variety of different customizable party invitation templates that are right on their websites. I was able to able to print out invites for my daughters birthday and they looked special. 
I arrived about half hour early at our local Build-A-Bear Workshop at Rivertown Crossings Mall. I arrived early to meet with our party host Jade. Jade was very nice and we discussed the game plan of the party and limits for each guest of the party. We had 5 guest come to the party plus my 2 children. We decided to set the limit of each child to 30 dollars. This is where the child could choose a furry friend that ranged from 10-15 dollars and also pick out and outfit for their furry friend or they could choose one of their specialty furry friends. 

When our guest started to arrive Jade our host greeted each child and gave them name badge and a bear sticker. While we waiting to get our partied started. Jade took members of the party around the store to show them what was available. Then we let the children go and pick any furry friend that they wanted. It was fun watching each child go over to where the furry friends and choose their favorite. Of course my daughter had a hard time making up her mind and choose two and put both back and finally decided on a dog. 

After the furry friends were selected we were ready to stuff. Our party host Jade and Megan took the children over by the stuffing machine and sat in a circle. They all named their furry friends first. During the party Megan sat at one of the computers and made the birth certificate for all the furry friends. Each child selected a heart and fun before they put their hear in their furry friend. Each child even kissed their heart before they put them in their furry friend. 

After each child brought their new furry friend to life. It was time for them to give their furry friend a bath before the picked out clothes and accessories. It was fun watching all the children gathering around the table to give their furry friends a bath. I noticed my daughter kept going back and brushing her furry friend. She really liked the bath station. 

After giving the furry friends a bath it was time to pick out outfits for everyone's furry friends. Each child went and picked out their favorite outfit for furry friend. After picking out their outfit they all gathered around Jade and Jade helped each child dress their animal. They where all excited and Jade made it extra special for the children. Jade made sure she spent time with each child to make their experience special. 

After dressing their furry friend they gathered to the front of store. The birthday girl got a special gift from Build-A-Bear Workshop. It was a yellow bear where each child got to autograph it and write a special message to the birthday person. I thought that was very special and a great souvenir to keep from the birthday.They also took a picture in front of the store of all the guest with their animals. Which was very cute and a great keepsake.
After that Megan was helping the kids put their furry friend in their new box home and getting ready to go home. While they where doing that Jade came over and talked to me about the price of the party. She came over and talked about each child limit and how much each child went over. I had certain limit set for the party and I was afraid of going over on the party. Jade was very confident we would not and was on top of everything. Although when she let me know four guest went over she let me know. Although the other parent was willing to pay for the overage I asked to just see what it came out to. I was super surprised when it was lower than what I expected to be. I even had some left over!
The overall experience of the Build-A-Bear Party was magical. I believe that the staff at our Build-A-Bear Workshop made that happen. They were very helpful, nice, just great with our children. I would recommend their store for just stopping in and making a furry friend or hosting a party there. I have never found a place where I can take my children and have a great time with them. I have always been a great fan of Build-A-Bear Workshop, but now they have even made me fall in love with them even more. I want to thank them for making my daughters birthday extra special. She is still talking about her birthday party the next day! It must have been special for a three year old if she still talking about you. You can visit their website to find your special furry friend or book your own party!!

** I received a gift card to cover the cost of the birthday party. Although I received gift card my opinions are 100 percent my own.**

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  1. Pretty pleased to see the pictures. Kids are having so much fun. My cousin also arranged her kitty party at one of the affordable rental spaces for parties last month. Snacks and beverages were yummy. Liked the sober decor and interior. Artificial flowers with fountain space was beautiful. My sister in law will also hire the same for her club get together.


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