Friday, August 23, 2013

Showaflops Review (Holiday Gift Guide)

 Are you planning on going on vacation during the holiday season? Our family travels to visit family out of state. While we visit out of state we always end up stay and a hotel. The kids and I always take advantage of the pool while we are staying at the hotel.  Although I always dread walking through the showers to the pool with my bare feet. I never know what I am stepping on and it drives me nuts. 

I am glad that I was introduced recently to Showaflops! These flip flops are perfect for public showers, steam rooms and pools. If you are looking to find the perfect stocking stuffer for that someone who loves going to the gym, steam rooms, pool, college student, lockers room, pool. These flops will do the trick and will make the perfect gift this holiday season. 

The reason Showaflops are so special and unique are due to the holes cut into each flip flow that lets the water flow freely through the flip flop. This help prevent you slipping and catching and fungus or germs on the ground. Where bacteria and germs love to grow on slippery floors. 

When my children and I tried the flops on they were super comfy. When I tried a pair on they fit my foot perfect. It was not tight at all. When I started walking in these flip flops it felt like walking on air. My son loved them also. We did test the flip flops out to see if they past the test!! We decided that we were going to mop the kitchen floor and we step on the wet floor and there was no slipping what so ever. Which is great. I felt like I could walk on the entire floor without slipping with these flip flops. 

The would make a great stocking stuffer this holiday season. I would also recommend picking up a pair for your holiday travel. The would come in handy over winter break. Visit to check out their entire collection of
mens, womens and kids flip flops.



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