Tuesday, August 6, 2013

RingStix Review

I try and find new things for outside to do with my son. Well I found a great product call RingStix. There are a few different sets to choose from that they have available. I was able to review RingStix Pro Edition. When this came in the mail we were very excited to try it. My son is starting to love all sorts of games and he also loves be able to go out side. When we took this out of the box it came with four stix. Also they where all different colors orange, purple, blue and green. It also came with one red ring. This also come with a one year warranty.

When we played this outside it was a lot of fun. There is really no wrong way to play this game. I had to change it up a little bit with my four year old to make it easier on him so he could comprehend it. What I like about this game that it is easy to get it out and it does not take a lot of time to set up. What I really like about this is that you take the two stix and pull apart quickly and the ring will shoot in the air. I think my son kept enjoying that part. He really enjoy things flying up in the air. Also you can play this just about anywhere which is also nice. You can even play this game by your self. Shooting it up in the air than catching it. There are so many possibilities with this game. I enjoy playing it with my son and friends. This will be the must game for spring and summer.
You can find their products at http://www.ringstix.com/

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