Friday, August 2, 2013

Real Kids Shades Review and Giveaway

When you buy your kids sunglasses do you know what your are actually buying. I have learned a lot when I came across this site Real Kids Shades. When you buy sunglasses for your little ones a lot of us do not realize they do not really protect our children's eyes.  That is not good at all because we take this for granted. We do not realize or we tend to forget that sunlight can permanently damage your children's eyes. As parents we are not aware of that children's eyes are increased risk for permanent eye damage and we can not treat nor fix this issue. A lot of parents do not know this that is why we need to get the word out so we can protect our children and make sure they are covered.

 When this happens we can not fix this problem so we need to take charge  and fix the issue before it arises. This is very serious because this can lead into more trouble down the road for example eye disease and even can lead to blindness. Parents do we really want that for our children? We can prevent this so let prevent it and take the extra step to do so.

I really like this site because I learned so much information and how to protect my children's eyes at Real Kids Shades. This site is a great resource and they make it their mission to protect our children's eyes. Which I think we should owe them a huge thank you.

My children love their new pairs of shades. They have to take them everywhere and every time we go outside. I know that I leave a pair in the car now just in case we go somewhere and we need them. I know that I am going to provide the care for their eyes that they need. You can see they are a great fit on kids and very cute. I would highly recommend to go to their site and find out more information on their site to know how to protect your children's eyes. a Rafflecopter giveaway


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