Friday, August 9, 2013

Paperless Kitchen Skoy Clothes Review

I found a great site if you are trying to help our planet. I came across a great site called They are helping individuals, households, buisness and organization adopt a greener lifestyles and philosophies by offering alternatives to kitchen products. When you purchase products from you are helping protecting our environment by reducing waste that ends up in landfill and reduce overall environmental footprint. I was lucky that sent me a pack of SKOY cloths for review.

 I received one pack of SKOY cloths to review. I was very excited because we know that a four year old and a two year old can make a lot of messes. I wanted to see if the SKOY cloths could handle my kids messes. The SKOY cloth is a thin cloth so in my opinion I thought your kidding right this will not work. 

I wanted to test these cloths so I got one of them completely wet. When they are dry they are a hard cloth and not flexible. Of course when you get this cloth wet it becomes more flexible and easier to use. The SKOY is not a one time use cloth if you were wondering it is a reusable cloth. Which is nice because this can save you money of course. A normal sponge can reak due to cleaning up messes and bread bacteria. When you use a Skoy you can put it in the wash and dryer, put it in the microwave to kill the bacteria, or dishwasher. I love this option because this will kill the bacteria from the cloth and be safe to use again. I like how the SKOY cloth can absorb more water than you think. I son dropped his cup filled with water and the Skoy got majority of the water spilled. Which is amazing because it would of taken probably about ten paper towels.  What I like about the cloths are the are 100 percent biodegradable which is awesome. 

You can find these SKOY clothes and other product at there website here.

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