Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pajanimal Review

sweet peaMy children were very excited when we received a package with Pajaminals items. We received Pajaminals Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend and Pajanimal Pal.

Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend is a very cute story and my daughter fell in love with it. She has me read it to her every night. Sweet Pea Sue Can't sleep because she is scared after seeing a picture of an octopus. The Pajanimals set out on an adventure for Sweet Pea Sue to meet a friendly octopus. Sweet Pea Sue makes a new friend called Ellie the octopus. This is a really cute story and it has re-useable stickers inside and my daughter loves that part where she get to put stickers inside her book. 

pajaWe also were able to review a Pajanimal Pal which is perfect for a younger child although my 2 year old brings her pal everywhere with her! There are four new Pajanimal Pals available from TOMY. My daughter loves hos soft the blanket is. One side of the blanket is satin and the other side is fleece. Each blanket has a different cute pattern to it. Both are very cute and my daughter fell in love. She puts both on her nightstand at night. When it is time for bed she gets both and while I read the story to her she cuddles with her new pal. These would be perfect for any toddler. You can find both at or

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