Wednesday, August 7, 2013


As a parent I am always dreaming that my two and five year old can play nice together. It is hard when one is a girl and boy. They both have different interests. I have always been a fan of Mega Bloks, although I was not aware of all the products that they offer. I always thought they had the toddler blocks and that was it. Let me tell you I am wrong. They have many different sets of Mega Bloks to start with. They have girl theme and boy theme. They also have accessories and different products to go with Mega Bloks sets. They also have older sets for kids and they are smaller bloks sets. They have your favorite themes also like Barbie, Power Rangers, Skylanders, Halo and so much more.
Mega Bloks were very nice and sent my daughter a first builder block set in pink and Safari Train set. They also sent my son two Skylanders Giant building set also. They were very excited when Mega Bloks package arrived. Although we were very surprised on how much they sent us.

My son was a very excited 5 year old when he pulled out two building sets that were Skylander Giants. The first set that we received was Zepplin the Air Ship Assault. This is recommended for 5 plus years. In this specific set there is 133 pieces. We all know the Drow Zeppelin is an aerial menace to the Skylanders everywhere. In this set you can build a Drow Zeppelin which is the bad guy. Buildable Eye Brawl the undead giant with an detachable eye. It also has collectible troll greasemonkey in translucent green, and  skylanders giant cannon that fires. My son found building this set easy. The piece fit very well together and was not hard to connecting them. Although there were a few hard parts he need help for. Overall this is a fun great set for five year olds and up.

The second set that we received was Troll Tank Gun Down. This is also for 5 and up also. This set contains 92 pieces to this set. In this set it features Flameslinger who is ready to take the powerful Troll Tank. In this set it in includes a buildable troll tank with rotating turret and opening canopy, tank tread tired that spin, buildable flameslinger, bow and quiver, slice of pizza. My son was very excited that he could combine this set with the first set. He built both sets within two days. This kept him occupied and he had a lot of fun building them. He also had a lot of fun playing with these sets also. I would invest of more of Skylander Giant sets to go with these two.

Then my daughter received the First Builders set. There are several different first starter sets. This specific set came in girl colors. She fell in love with them. This set come with 60 blocks to build. The recommended ages for this set is 1-5. My son and daughter both play with these blocks and build everything imaginable. I love how it brings out creativity in both of them. The blocks go together easy and you can take them apart easily also.  My daughter also received a safari set that goes with the First Builder set. There are 13 pieces that come with this safari train set. Recommend for ages 1-5. I find that my daughter like the safari train more than my son does. Although I do find him playing with it also. There are several animals that go on this train. My daughter loves the blue elephant that one is her favorite. They go together very easily and she does not get frustrated which is very nice. The first builder blocks can also go with the safari set so she can build more things and use both set blocks. I find her spending a lot of her time playing with her Mega Bloks than her other toys.

You can find Mega Bloks at their website here.


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