Monday, August 12, 2013

Lovely Candy Co. Review

Recently a new line of candy has been released. I am excited to share with you Lovely Candy Co. I can be the first one to tell you that their candy is lovely. Lovely Candy is an all natural, gluten and GMO free. Lovely Candy Co. was founded by Mike Nakamura in 2013 in Chicago. He set on a quest to find the top quality gluten and Gmo free candy for his wife Jackie, but he was not able to. That is when Lovely Candy Co was created. These candies are a great choice for people with food sensitivities or celiac disease. These special treats are made with the best ingredients available.

Lovely candy has the following flavors: Lovely Candy Original Chewy Caramels, Lovely Candy Chocolate Swirl Caramels, Lovely Candy Super Fruit Chews in Cranberry, Raspberry and Blueberry, Lovely Candy Fruit Chews in Apple, Cherry, cherry licorice, and Blackberry. I received the following to be able to try Lovely Candy Original Chewy Caramels, Lovely Candy Chocolate Swirl Caramels, The Super fruit chews and fruit chews. 
I was kind of nervous when I open the package up for the Original and Chocolate swirl caramel swirls. I am a huge caramel fan and sometimes when I hear gluten free I get nervous sometimes. When I tried the caramels candies I was surprised on how great the tasted. I could not just eat one. I found my self constantly sneaking another one. They are chewy and soft although they do not get stick in your teeth. That was another thing I was worried about. I hate when caramel get stuck in your teeth. I fell in love with the chocolate caramel swirl. I enjoyed how the blended the chocolate and caramel equally together. 
The fruit chew were also great. I love how you opened the pack and you could identify each chew in your mouth. I enjoyed the chews and they were a natural flavor which was very nice. They were not a touch chew either which was nice. My children absouletly loved the fruit chews. I was not able to try many of them.
You can find these chews on their website here. 

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