Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kallini Beauty Review

Recently I discovered a new product called Kamou. Kamou is by Kallini Beauty and it is a new brand that recently came out. It falls in the category of Anti Aging with new technologies. Pamela Netti is known as one of the Americans leading skin care and Anti Aging experts. She is the president and CEO of Kallini Beauty. Kallini Beauty was found in 2012.

The background on this product was very interesting to me and I wanted to share it with you. Kallini Beauty's first brand is Kamou, this is an anti aging skincare line that evolved from the military. Their company tapped into the know how soldiers use to camouflage themselves in combat, KAMOU utilizes that technology to cloak imperfections and give the skin a flawless youthful glow and appearance.

When I learned about KAMOU I knew I had to try it out and share this product with my readers. I received Kamou Pigment Matching Tinted Moisturizer with sunscreen. This product come in a 1.7 oz bottle. This product is a color correcting tinted moisturizer. This product has a multi-purpose where it is used to hydrate skin and delivers anti aging benefits.

When I tried KAMOU this weekend I was pretty impressed with this product. When I first applied this product it is a creamy cream. It does not really have a scent to the cream which was nice. When I applied the cream to my face it took a few minutes to rub into my skin. You had to work the cream a few minutes to make sure all of it was absorbed in the skin. After rubbing the cream in I did not notice a greasy feeling after applying. If you are going out to the sun you want to apply this product 15 minutes before being exposed to the sunlight. When i went out to the outlet mall this weekend I was in a lot of sunlight and this product help me protect my skin. No only did it help protect my skin it also made my skin feel soft and nice. If you are out in the sun for more than 2 hours you are going to want to reapply this product. I really have fallen in love with this product and have been using it everywhere I go. You fan find their product at their website here.

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