Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hello Brand Review and Giveaway

  I am always looking for great new products. When I heard that hello products do not use alcohol in their products I knew I had to try this line of products. My son always complains to me that his mouth burns from other oral care products. 

Recently Hello Products sent us a package with several products inside to sample and giveaway. Hello Products are the first seriously friendly oral care brand. Hello brand products are 99 percent natural and 100 percent nice. Their products include toothpastes, mouthwashes, and breath sprays. They have four different flavors: Pink Grapefruit Mint, Mojito Mint, Supermint, and Sweet Cinnamint.

The first product we received was their hello toothbrush. What I thought was interesting that the toothbrush handle was made with a combination of recycled polypropylene and a biodegradable corn resin. I really like how the grip felt. Sometimes when I am brushing my teeth my hand get tired or get stiff while I am brushing my teeth. It was a nice grip. Also the bristles on the toothbrush were great they where not hard or stabbing. They were perfect. I was impressed on the quality and the sturdiness of their toothbrushes. 

The next product is their Hello mouthwash. This product is 99 percent natural. When I tried this product the taste was decent and it did not burn my mouth while swishing it around. It also left a long lasting fresh breath after using this mouth wash. I like letting my son also use this mouthwash because it is chemicals, artificial colors and sweeteners and dyes free. It is safe to swallow so it is perfect for my five year old. This helps take away bad breath and germs. 

Then we received several different flavors of their breath spray. This is perfect for on the go and to carry in your purse. These breath sprays are alcohol free. I like how if I am going to a meeting or meeting someone for lunch. I have this breath spray handy. They are very easy to use and they taste and smell great. I know with these I will not have embarrassing breath. I would highly recommend these for travel. I can not stress how these come in handy in so many ways.

The last product that we received was their Hello Anticavity toothpaste. I really like the containers of these toothpaste. I really do not like the tubes that you constantly try to squeeze out it always seems like I make a mess with these. Their toothpaste features fluoride to help prevent cavities and strengthen and whiten teeth. Hello products uses gentle silica to safely clean your teeth. My son really liked the flavors of this tooth paste and it was easy for him to use.

I really enjoyed using Hello Products an felt safe letting my five year old use these product also. I like knowing that harsh chemicals are not burning his mouth. You can find their products on their website

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