Monday, August 5, 2013

Harvey Prince Perfume and Giveaway

Perfume is a girls best friend. I am always looking around for new perfumes. I love to treat myself when I go out with a little perfume. As a single mother sometimes it is hard to fine the perfect perfume for the right kind of price. I was introduced to Harvey Prince and I have heard a lot of wonderful things about their perfumes. So when I was given the chance to try eAu Flirt, I was very excited.

When Harvey Prince perfumes are very unique. It came in a nice packing and was packed very well when it arrived. When the packaged arrived it also came with a t shirt and two other perfume samples. I received a bottle of eAu Flirt that came in a 3.4 oz bottle. When I took the bottle out to smell the fragrance I noticed the bottle design and I really like how the bottle even looked flirty. When I found about eAu Flirt and a little background on this perfume it was very interesting to me. They surveyed men and got their opinion of scents that they were attracted to. The surveyed showed that the scents that the men liked were lavender and pumpkin. That is very interesting that they surveyed men and put a lot of research to provide the best for their perfumes. Their scents and their hard work makes their perfumes very unique. 

When I first sprayed the perfume to smell Eau Flirt I noticed right away the citrus and the pumpkin pie scent to the perfume. I thought this was an interesting combination. I never really thought citrus and pumpkin pie could go together. I love how this is an exciting and fun scent and I would wear it out. I would prefer wearing this perfume if I was going somewhere fun or if I planned meeting someone new. I would recommend this fun perfume and other perfume from Harvey Prince. You can find their perfume on their website. This would make a perfect gift for someone that you love.

Harvey Prince is giving 5 lucky readers from emmy's deals the chance to win a 1.7 oz perfume from them. Enter Below

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