Friday, August 2, 2013

Exederm Review

When it comes to babies skin and toddlers skin, I try and find the best products that are out there. My daughter has very sensitive skin and I have to find just the right product for her skin. When I came across exederm I was very interested to see if these products would help my daughters skin.

A little bit about exederm products and their company. There company believes that their line of products are simply sensible approach for anyone who suffers from eczema, dermatitis, dry skin or sensitive skin. While you are using exederm you will not have to worry about using harmful chemicals on your skin. Exederm gently cleanses your skin and deeply moisturizes your skin. Exederm is a great product for babies, children and adults.

I received three products from Exederm for review. The first product that I was able to review was their Intensive Baby Moisturizer. This product comes in a round jar. This jar contains 4 oz. This cream is a gentle, non irritating and ultra hypoallergenic cream. This product is to help your child if they are suffering from dry irritating skin. This product has no harmful chemicals in this moisturizer. You can use this cream on your child once a day to help dry irritated skin. When I tried this cream I noticed that it is fragrance free and very thick. When I tried to rub a small amount of this cream on my arm where some dry skin was, it seemed to absorb in my skin quite quickly. After rubbing the cream into my skin I noticed that this cream did not leave a greasy feeling afterwards. It also seem to help the irritated skin. 

The next product that I was able to review was the exederm flare control cream. This cream comes in 2 oz tube. This product is color free, lanolin free, parabens free, fragrance free and formaldehyde free. This is great to know that I am not putting any harmful chemicals on my child skin. This product is good to help get relief from irritated skin. If you are suffering from eczema, rashes, hives or ect. than this product may help temporary stop the irritation.  You can use this product 2-3 times a day on the irritated area. You wan to apply a small amount on the effected area. This product works great for eczema. My daughter has been breaking out in rashes and nothing seemed to help. When I tried this product it seemed to give her some relief which was nice. 

The last product that I was able to review was exederm non irritating baby shampoo. This shampoo comes in a 8 fl bottle This product is gentle and non irritating. Which is great. My daughter has been having problems with the other shampoos that we have been using. Other shampoos lately have been breaking her out in rashes and causing irritation of the eyes. When I used exederm baby shampoo it was amazing. It just did not get my daughters hair clean it also was not a battle washing her hair. I actually could wash her hair without a fight and it also seem like if this product did get in her eyes it did not bother here. 

If you are interested in buying or finding more information out about exederm you can find their website and social media down below. 


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