Monday, August 19, 2013

Build-A-Bear Princess Twilight Review

Magical Friendship MY LITTLE PONY PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE®My children and I are huge fans of Build-A-Bear Workshop. We are very excited to share with you guys that Build-A-Bear recently added to their collection of My Little Ponies. They recently came out with Princess Twilight. My daughter is in love with all the My Little Ponies so she was very excited to be able to review Princess Twilight. 

Build-A-Bear Workshop just released Princess Twilight on August 2nd. Princess Twilight is 25.00 without any accessories just the furry friends. If you want the accessories with your furry friend it will be 53.50. We were sent Princess Twilight and all her accessories. Once again when our furry friend arrived at our home it made my daughters day. She could not wait to open this box and see her new friend. She started jumping up and down and saying my pony my pony my pony. My two year old daughter was very excited. She love her new furry friend. Princess Twilight came with her own princess crown which does come off. I love the crown although it falls off a lot. I had to put it away and not leave it on because my daughter kept taking it off and losing it. Then she came with a princess cape which I really love. My daughter says it Princess Twilight pretty cape that makes her fly. We both love her glitter shoes They are gold shoes with tons of glitter that makes the outfit that much more special. If you have a little girl who like the My Little Ponies this would be perfect for them. This would be great for a birthday, any time gift, or holiday is just around the corner. You can find princess twilight here. 

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