Friday, August 30, 2013

Aqua Dragons Review

Recently my kids were sent some Aqua Dragons for review. My son was very excited for this review. Aqua Dragons are recommended for children 6 and up.
When we received Aqua Dragons it was very simple to get started. First you fill up the tank wit bottled water. After filling up the tank we let it sit overnight so it could reach room temperature before we put the eggs in the tank. Than the fun part begins. My son put the eggs in the tank. Than wait a couple of days and keep checking to see if any of your eggs have hatched. 
I kept the tank in a warm place in my house. The eggs are very small, so be warned when they hatched they are very tiny. They should hatch within two days from putting the eggs in the tank. After they hatch do not be alarmed if they do not hatch all at the same time. Just keep what your doing. They do like a warm spot. Then you will have to feed your dragon every 4-5 days. You will also have to oxygenate the water using the little pipet that is provided in your kit. 
My son thought this was the most amazing thing he has ever seen. He was very excited and now is bragging to everyone he has new pets. It is very simple for your children and they will fall in love with it. 
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