Thursday, July 11, 2013

Toy State Cat Iron Diesel Train Set Review

cat2Do you have a child who loves trains as much as my son does? I have always been a fan of Toy State's products. I have reviewed several of their cars in the past. I never knew that they had a different line that included a train set. Which I was very excited and impressed that they had a wide variety of products.

Toy State sent my a CAT Iron Diesel Train Set for review. I had two very excited children when they opened this package. When we opened the package we notice train set needed 2 double A batteries to be able to operate. Once we got the batteries working that our next mission was to set up the train so we were able to use it. I had to bribe my children to do something else while I could put the train set all together. Surprisingly that actually worked.
catWhen putting together the train track was not hard at all. Sometime when my children try to help pieces go missing and then I am not able to put it together. I really liked how the track was very easy to put together and not difficult. This track is more of a groove type track where they fit together which is nice. This would be very easy for my son to put together on his own. I have had several train set before and this train track has beaten the rest of the train tracks. When you put together this train track it smoother than most which is nice. That mean less problems when you run the train. Also when you have a five and and two year old it is also important as they seem that they are always bumping into the track and the track is sturdy and stays n place. That was the deal breaker with me and what made me fall in love with this product. You will be getting a 7 foot train track which is pretty decent. It also come with an engine, a train carrying 2 removable CAT machines, a pivoting crane and a simple train car. This set was amazing and brought hours of fun with my two children. 

And you can purchase Toy State’s Cat Iron Diesel Train on

Also available at: Target®

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