Saturday, July 6, 2013

Campus Book Rental Review

Is there any parents who have children that recently graduated High School and is going off to college? Is there any college students out there looking to save money on their text books? I personally can let you now how college books can be expensive. I have a great site and some information that I wanted to share with you today about how you can save on your textbooks this year. 

There is a better way you can find textbooks that you need for your class and pay fraction of the cost for your books. You can rent the textbooks that you need online with Campus Book Rentals. That is right I said you could rent your textbooks that you are looking for. It is that simple you go to Campus Book Rentals search for your book and click to rent it. When your done with your book you can simply return your book. Plus instead of paying that outrageous amount for your textbook, with Campus Book Rentals you only pay for the amount of time you need it for your class. The first question came to mind is would this work for me? I was not sure at first because I am the student who need to mark and highlight in my book and majority of the time when you rent something you can not do that. With Campus Book Rentals they let you mark and highlight in the book you are renting. I really like that perk about Campus Book Rentals.

It is really simple on how pay for your college books online. There are no shipping cost with is a great deal. Usually what changes my mind about an item is that I always find them charging to much shipping. In this case free shipping. You choose the book that you want and the time selection that you need the book for. After that you pay for the book they send it out and after you are done with the book you return it. How simple is that?

If you are already a college student and you have unwanted books that are laying around and do not know what to do with? Here is an option for you. Campus Books has a new program called RentBack and you can find it here at RentBack is a new program that will allow college students to rent textbooks that they own to other students. This will allow students to makes a little extra money with their unwanted textbooks. I know that my textbooks are lying around and this would be a great option to make a little extra cash. 

I would seriously look into this option about renting my books before buying the books for outrageous money. If you are going back to school or have a child going back to school check out Campus Book Rentals. Here are to short videos you can watch about Campus Book Rentals. RentBack:

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