Friday, July 19, 2013

Blog Anniversary #1 Vexy and Smurfette Build-A-Bear Workshop Review

Who remembers the Smurfs? I remember when I was a little girl I used to watch the television show the Smurfs. Now I am very excited to be able to share the Smurf 2 Movie with my two children. I know they will fall in love with the Smurfs as much as I love them. Build-A-Bear Workshop is celebrating Smurf 2 to also by coming out with the collection for Smurf 2.

Sweet SmurfetteI was very excited when I heard that they were coming out with character from Smurf 2. When I checked out the different character I was not sure about them at first. I knew that I liked Smurfette but not sure about Vexy. I was afraid that my daughter would be frighten with Vexy because she looked a little dark. Although When I found out that I was able to review Smurffette and Vexy we were very excited for them to arrive.

When they arrived at our home of course my little ones would not let me have the box and they had to open it ASAP. When my daughter opened the box with Vexy she just stared at her for a few minutes and asked me what it was? I told her that is Vexy and she is your new friend. After checking her out for a few minutes she picked her up and gave her a hug. I really though Vexy was neat. I liked how she had a blue streak in her hair. I also loved the freckles though that was very cute feature. Then her outfit for Vexy that we received is pictured up in the right corner. My daughter loved the shoes and the skirt. My daughter would have me tie her shoes constantly. The first day she had Vexy she had to take her everywhere. I thought this would fade in a couple days. It has been about a week and my daughter still takes her everywhere. She left her in the car last night and now Vexy is on a road trip with grandpa today. She told me she can not wait for Vexy to come home. 

My son liked Smurfette out of the two that we received. Smurfette was really pretty. She looked just like Smurfette and realistic to the character. She had a white hat and a matching white outfit. She also wore pretty white shoes that matched the outfit. Her dress had diamond shapes on the skirt of the dress that made her dress look very pretty. Smurffette is 16 inchs. My son would actually play with her and take her anywhere he went. He really liked the fact she was blue.

 I would highly recommend investing in the Smurf Collection and if you are planning on seeing the movie Smurf 2, bring your new furry friends with you. I was not sure about this new Build-A-Bear Collection but I will have to say they impressed me once again. You can find these new furry friends at their website here. I will post new pictures of our furry friends when they arrive home later today from their road trip!!!

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