Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yves Rocher Fathers Day Review

Are you looking for something for that special man in your life? Well you know how a huge fan of Yves Rocher I am and I love their products. Yves Rocher has recently have come out with a great line of products for men just in time for fathers day. Their new collection are Ambre Noir and Men Fresh. I was very excited that I was able to give my father a great fathers day gift basket with special goodies for just him. This would make great gift for your husband, boyfriend, father, or grandfather.
Ambre Noir - Hair & Body Shampoo 
The first product that I put in the gift basket for my father was the Ambre Noir Hair & Body Shampoo. My dad usually does not like changes with body wash or shampoo, but I convinced him to get this a try. After he tried this product he was surprised on how much he liked this product. He said he really loved them scent of the body wash. The scent is a wood and sensuality of amber scent. My father is a huge fan of woodsy and outdoors scents. My dad said he would recommend this product. This product come in a 6.7 fl oz bottle. Just the perfect size to put in a gift basket.

Ambre Noir - Eau de Toilette 100 mlMy father always has his favorite cologne on the top shelf. My dad is very picky on what colognes that he will actually where. He uses cologne a lot when he is working. He is in sales so he is always trying to look his best. What man wouldn't like cologne for fathers day. You can not go wrong with this choice. Amber Noir Eau de Toilette. This comes in a 50 ml or 100 ml. I like how there are two choices you could choose from. I received the 100 ml bottle. This scent is very similar to the body wash. So no surprise that my father put this product up on the top shelve and uses it for work. Ambre Noir scent is a woody scent. Perfect for that special man in your life. When I had the chance to smell this fragrance I really like the woody smell to it. This would be a perfect cologne for men.

Yves Rocher has also came out with a great line of men fresh products for men. Perfect for fathers day. 
Shaving Gel Smooth Gliding 
The first product that we received from the Men Fresh Collection was the Shaving Gel Smooth Gliding. This come in a 5 fl oz bottle. When I tried this product it has a great smell to it which was Aloe Vera. When I tried this product it did make shaving nicer and left my skin moisturized after this product. My dad has also tried this shaving and he said that he enjoyed it and would use this product again. This product is man approved. 

After Shave Balm Cooling EffectThe next product that we received was the Yves Rocher was the After Shave Balm. This product comes in a 3.3 fl oz bottle. When I opened to smell this product it has a nice clean calming smell of aloe vera to it. After shaving I had a razor burn so I decided to try this product. It help sooth the pain right away and moisturized my skin. I was pretty impressed and happy that I could get a little relief. This product rubbed in instantly and left a nice cool soothing effect after applying. This product is a great after shaving balm for men and even women.
Exfoliating Face WashThis product is my dad's favorite one of them all. This is Yves Rocher Exfoliating Face Wash and this come in a 3.3 fl oz. I heard my dad raving on how much he liked this product and I knew I had to try it. I loved the smell of fresh aloe vera. When I put a small amount on my hand i saw that it blue and looked like it had crystals in it. When I was washing my face with this product the crystals were exfoliating my skin. When I rinsed the product off my skin it fell smooth and feeling great. I felt like a layer of dead skin came right off and my skin was look great and fresh. This product is truly amazing and a must have. 
Anti-Dryness Face Care 24 Hr Moisturizing
The last product that we received was the anti dryness face care. This product comes in a 1.6 fl oz. This is a white cream that has a nice fresh smell to it. This cream is to help keep your skin moisturized for 24 hours. When I applied a small amount on my face it rubbed in smoothly and absorb quickly. It did not leave a greasy feeling afterwards. It left my skin feeling smooth afterwards and throughout the day.

I would highly recommend Yves Rocher Ambre Noir and Men Fresh for fathers day this year. I know that I surprised my father with a fathers day gift basket with special goodies. You can visit Yves Rocher website here and find these specific goodies for your loved ones.

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