Friday, June 21, 2013

Sully and Mike Build-A-Bear Workshop Review

Have you seen what recently made it way to Build-A-Bear Workshop? Sully and Mike from Monster Ink!! Who does not love these to characters? Well to celebrate their new movie coming out Monster University. Build-A-Bear Workshop partnered up with Disney to bring you your favorite characters. When my son saw that Build-A-Bear was gong to carry Sully and Mike he was super excited. He can not wait to see their new movie coming out. The first movie my son and I used to watch together almost every day. Sully is his favorite character from the movie.

When I was able to review both of these furry friends from Build-A-Bear Workshop my son was ecstatic. We were not expecting to receive these to in the mail so when my son opened the box he was jumping up and down. He first took out Sully from the Build-A-Bear box. Sully is a 17 inch furry friend. When I was able to get a minute to look over Sully because my son would not let him out of his site. I noticed that he was very soft and very detailed. Looked just like sully. I love his smile it is a little goofy but my son and I fell in love with it. What I really like about sully is his claws that are on his feet and hands I thought the detail there was very cute. You can choose if you would like Sully with or without his Monster University jacket or not. I really like Sully jacket it reminds me of a varsity jacket. It looks like it has pockets and it even has the M on the front. I think they did a great job when they made the university jacket. We were surprised that mike was also in the box. My daughter seemed to like him better. She kept poking Mike's eye. Asking me one eye? Which was very cute. Mike is a mini mike and not a normal size furry friend. Mike is a 11 inch furry friend. He is a nice soft furry friend. He has a cute hat that monster university on his head. I love the size of mike. He is also cute and just the right size. I love the eye and the cute smile that mike has. Both of these furry friends would make perfect pal for your child. If your child love sully and mikey they would love these to furry friends. You can find these new to pals on their website or you can go to your local Build-A-Bear Workshop now.

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  1. Oh my girls love those characters! I have to get them to Build A Bear for this set. Thanks for sharing!


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