Monday, June 10, 2013 Review

I have recently been introduced to a new toy website called When I first started looking I was pretty impressed with the variety of different toys that they offered. If you are looking for a present for your kids or a present for a niece and nephew you can find it here. has a variety of different popular brand that you can find for you kids like Mattel, Melissa and Doug, Alex toys and so much more. What I like about this website is that I can find just about any toy for any age group. I like how their website is set up. On the left of their webpage they have a list of different age groups that you can click on and see what is age or gender appropriate. They have a section for Top Selling toys for 1 year olds: , Toys for 1 year old girls:  and Toys for 1 year old boys: 

I like how they offer different categories because you would be searching for a long time. That is one of my pet peeves is when a company offers a lot of different products and their website is not organized. I do not like spending a lot of time looking at random products. When  found this site I was amazed by the organzation and the categories where you can find specifically what you are looking for. Since I have a two and five year old I can go their sections and find something for them. When I looked at the different categories I was impress with the accurate placement with the age appropriate toys. 

When I was looking through the toys for one year old girls I found really cute gift ideas. When I saw this Emily Doll  fell in love with it and would be a perfect gift for a one year old girl. 
Ravensburger Mix n Fix Mike 
When my son was one he would love playing with different kind of cars and trucks. When I found this toy from WOW I thought it would of been a perfect toy for him at that age. 
Alex Maxville Cube

I love the categories for each age group that is top toys for that age group. This would be great for adults that may not have children and get invited to a birthday party and not sure what to get that child. This will help adults find the top rated toys and age appropriate toys for that child. 

 I was very excited to be able to share with you. I know I will be using this site more often now. When I shop I do not like going to numerous of website or stores. I can stop over at ebeanstalk and find exactly what i am looking for. What are you waiting for and take a few minutes and check out

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