Friday, June 7, 2013

Build-A-Bear Workshop Summer Adventure Review

17 in. Pizazzy BearThis summer are you planning on a family vacation or traveling over the summer? Sometimes when you are away from home your child is not around their friends. The new Color Popz collection will give your child a new companion on your trip this summer. They can share their adventure with a new Furry Friend from Build-A-Bear Workshop. Make sure you stop into Build-A-Bear Workshop on the way and pick up one of their New Color Popz furry friend. These adorable bright colored furry friends will make the perfect best friend for your child during the summer.

I was able to review this Color Popz collection which included Jazzy the Frog, Razzy the Cat and Pizazzy the bear. Razzy and Jazzy are both 18 inches and Pizazzy is 17 inches. When I received them in the mail I was surprised on how big they where. I first thought that they were going to be regular sized like the other Build-A-Bears. Sure enough my children wanted to see what was in the box and when I opened the box they were super excited. My daughter wanted to claim all three furry friends. Although my son had another idea. My son really took to Jazzy the frog. Throughout the day my children would not let go of their new friends. My daughter took a liking to Razzy the cat. Throughout the day she took Razzy on her two year old adventures which was very interesting. When she had to eat dinner and when she was done she announced that Razzy was hungry and needed to eat. My children fell in love with their new furry friends.

To be honest I am not a huge fan of bright colors, so I was not sure if I would like these new furry friends that they came out with for the summer. When they arrived in mail you could not help but falling in love. They were bigger animals soft and they seemed to come to life for my children. My daughter who is two fell in love with the bright colors and absolutely had to take them everywhere. Even to bed and had to tuck each one in. My so did not go that far but cuddled with Jazzy at night. Jazzy, Pizazzy, and Razzy are perfect for the Summer season and your child's summer adventures. They also came with sunglasses which were very cute and added that summer touch to them. It was neat out the glasses connected to each animal. On the furry friend there is a little hoop it like a ribbon and you can slip the end of the sun glasses through. There is a groove on the sunglasses where it fits so it keeps connected. They where very easy to take off. Although putting them on is a little more difficult for children but for adults it is pretty easy.  Overall I love the affect the sunglasses has on the furry friends.

If you go to Build-A-Bear Workshop and you make a purchase over 30 dollars you will receive a new beach towel from Build-A-Bear Workshop. It is a great towel with a furry friend on top. Great new accessory to have when you are going on trip. You can find all three new furry friends at their website or at your local Build-A-Bear Workshop.

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