Saturday, June 1, 2013 Review and Giveaway

ABC Mouse Review/Giveaway

I have a five year old who is entering in Kindergarten this fall. He is a little bit behind but not that far behind. We needed to find a program that could help him during the summer to brush up alphabet and numbers before he enter kindergarten. We came across a wonderful site for youngsters called I was eager to try and see if it was really worth the cost. I am one of those moms who is always debating whether to spend money on something or not. I hate wasting money. 

I was excited when I was able to review their site and share my experience with my readers. I was offer a code for a one year subscription to their site which is a value of 80 dollars. I was excited to try this site out and see if it was worth it. When I first went to I had to create and account and it was fairly easy to set up. Which was the first plus for me. I also like how you create your account if you have multiple children you can make separate accounts for each child. When you think about it if you have several children using this program it is worth the price of 80 dollars a year.

Well when I told my son we were able to try he rushed to the computer and sat on my lap and our journey has started. My son wanted me to help him at first and it was fun. Although shortly after I was not allowed to help him. ABC mouse was easy for my son to navigate around their site. He knew what to do for the majority of time a few time he asked a couple questions. 

What I really like about ABC mouse is that it is learning, but made fun for your child. Their are a lot of different activities for your child to partake on their site. Their is a classroom where you can go to and feed the class pet which are fish. Than you can go to lesson path. Each path has about 7 activities that make a lesson. Activities include music, coloring, stories, games, and so much more. What my son loves about completing the activities is that he received tickets afterwards. When you earn tickets you can go to their mall and trade them in for items to decorate your room on their site or my son bought hamsters that he would take care of on abc mouse. 

After a week I have seen improvements with my son. He started to recognize more letters from the alphabet. I am really excited to continue this journey with my son. I would highly recommend ABC mouse and I also would recommend if you have a child entering kindergarten this year I would invest in ABC mouse. What I also love is that is affordable and it does not matter if you have several children. You only have to pay once. Also if you do not want to purchase a whole year you can do monthly payments also. That is $7 dollars a month. That is honestly a great bargain and they have endless materials for children on their site. You can purchase directly from their site!! Or you can enter below to with a whole year membership!!

Enter Below for a full 80 dollar value year subscription. Good Luck!!

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  1. I like that you can create multiple accounts

  2. my kindergarden aged twins would love this

  3. My kids have been asking for this membership for a long time!

  4. I bet this would be great for morning activities for the kids to

  5. My son would love this making him recognize the abcs

  6. Hello I am your newest follower on your blog would love for you to follow me back. Thanks :) Feel free to Like or Follow me on my other media sites!!!

  7. My nephews would love this!!!

  8. My daughters supposed to start kindergarten next year I've been trying to find something like this for her! How awesome!

  9. My daughter would benefit from this so much ... she is so far advanced for a 4 year old and loves to learn!!!

  10. I love all of the fun printable activities.

    Entered the rafflecopter as "Wild orchid"

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  11. We used their free trial offer and even if we cancelled before expiration they continued billing us and refused any refund. Very bad customer service and very dishonest approach to increasing their customer base.

    We originally cancelled because we found the lessons repetitive and boring. My 4 year old daughter was having more fun spending "virtual money" than learning anything. I am not interested in turning her into an avid consumer, so I prefer to chose other sites.

    After the terrible customer service experience, I realized that these people are not really serious about our kids. They just want to sell this to as many people as possible. Obviously the "virtual money" is a hook for kids. Who doesn't like to buy and accumulate anything and everything he/she sees and likes?


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