Sunday, May 26, 2013

Zeenie Doll Review

My daughter is starting to like dolls and appreciate them. I am always trying to find different dolls for her to collect and play with. When I came across this site called Zeenie Dollz. When I saw the creativity of their dolls I knew that it would be a perfect fit for my daughter. I have never seen dolls like these before and very excited to share Zeenie Dolls with you today. I know if my daughter fell in love with these Zeenie Dolls that your daughter would fall in love with them also and would want to add them to their doll collection. What is a fun fact about these dolls that they are Eco Warriors sent from Mother Earth to rescue the planet. Which sends a great message to young girls in my opinion. I like how toys, dolls or any other have a special message behind them. There are six Zeenie Dolls and they are Evee, Lina, Kazumi, Sini, Zeenia and Yana.