Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thermal AID Zoo Animal Review and Giveaway

Are you looking for unique gifts for Mom? Or you looking to give mom this year something that is a must have? Thermal-AID ZOO offers 100 percent natural heating and cooling pack animals. They offer several animals such as Baxter the Bunny, JoJo the Monkey, Happy the Hippo, Ollie the Kola or Tiny the Elephant. I know as a mother I think these are adorable and I would say they are just not for kids. I absolutely would use these Zoo Animals just as much as my children would. Shhhhhh do not tell them that please.

Thermal-AID Zoo animals can be used for several different things. What I love about these Zoo Animals you can use them for fevers. A great cuddly animal to have when your child may not be feeling good. They can keep your children cool or yourself when you are feeling warm. I found my self and my children hugging on Tiny this weekend to help up us keep cool while the Tylenol kicked in. This would also help for Sunburn. If your out on a beautiful day and your child or yourself gets a little sunburn. Tiny the Elephant can help and keep that sunburn cool and get it feeling better. This also would help with sprains and sore muscles. You can also use Tiny for Bee Stings, Flu symptoms, Headaches, Growing Pains, Insomnia and so much more.

If you want to cool your Thermal AID ZOO buddy you can place them in the freezer for about 5 hours. You can give or take on this. It all depends on the settings of your freezer. Also it depends on how cool you actually want it. For heating you can place this zoo animal in the microwave also. Do not let the animal touch the sides of the microwave. You want to put the animal in there for about 45-60 secs.

This would be a great gift for your children to give mommy this year. I know I would love to receive one of these cuties from one of my kiddos this year. This is a very useful and cute product. Great present for Mothers Day. You can find their products here.

Thermal Aid is going to be giving two Thermal Aid Zoo animals away for Mothers Day!!

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