Wednesday, May 1, 2013


When it comes to my mother and trying to find her a mothers day gift is pretty hard. She is the type of mom who never wants anything or never lets you know what she wants. Well recently my mothers knees have gotten worse and she can not find any relief for them. It was my goal to find something that would help her with those painful knees. 

When I found THERA PEARL I knew right away that would make the perfect gift for my mother. THERA PEARL is a doctor designed, drug free way to relieve pain and inflammation. You can use their products for muscle strains, sprains, swelling from surgery, spa treatments, allergies and a lot of other pain producing conditions. THERA PEARL packs are hypoallergenic and non toxic. 

THERA PEARL offers a variety of different packs for specific areas. For example they have neck packs, back pack, knee pack and ect. I choose to review the knee pack. This pack would go great in my house for my mom and I. I have arthritis in my left knee from a car accident I had a while back. This pack combines the healing power of hot and cold therapy into one convenient pack. Inside of this pack there are little blue bead that you can see. You have to options with this pack is put it in the microwave or in the freezer. If you want to put this product in the microwave, I heat it to the desirable heat temperature.  If you are looking for cold therapy you need to freeze this for at least two hours. 

The other day when it was raining all day, I decided it was a perfect day to test this product out. I decided to try the cold therapy first. It was ready for use because I put it in the freezer the night before. It fit my knee just right and I did not have to worry about it dripping down my leg. I would really recommend having one of these THERA PEARL pack in your house hold for those emergency's. I know exactly what to get my mother for mothers also. You can find more information on their website.

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