Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SwimZip Review

Since summer is coming up I have been looking around to find the best swim wear for my children. I have looked at a couple local stores around here, but nothing that would actually protect my daughter. Majority of what I found was designed to be cute but barely would protect my daughters skin. That is one of the major factors to me when I look for swim wear that will protect her skin. I came across a great site called SwimZip and they have a variety of swim wear for babies and toddlers. When I read about their story behind SwimZip and I wanted to share with you.

Betsy Johnson is the creator of SwimZip. She was diagnosed with skin cancer at 26 years old. This has changed her life when she was diagnosed. Being diagnosed with skin cancer presented and opportunity for Betsy Johnson and she could help other or maybe save others lives. Betsy decided to enter the world of UPF sun protecting clothing. Than SwimZip was officially created. SwimZip offers UPF 50+ clothing to help their selves and their children safe in the sun.

I was able to review one of SwimZip Ruffle Me Pretty. When I received Ruffle Me Pretty. I was impressed when I opened the package to see what was in side. When I took the suit out it was wrapped in pink tissue paper with a nice ribbon tied up. I really liked the extra touch, that makes you feel special inside. When I took out the Ruffle Me Pretty suit it featured a full zipper down the front. This also offers a rash guard shirt which I was pretty impressed. When my daughter saw this suit you know what she had to do right away. She had to try it on and model it to everyone that was home at the moment. I was pretty impressed that the suit fit her just right. Their are time when I try and find a suit and I have to find one two size bigger because they run small. This one fit to a T and I did not have to worry about it. What I like about this suit is the front has a zipper that you can put on and take of very easy. I am highly impressed with the quality of this suit. I will say that I have not found a suit like this one out there. As a mom I feel great putting my daughter in this swim wear and knowing that she is going to be safe this summer. Another perk of this suit is it is adorable and stylish. She looks like a little diva in it. Also one of my favorite parts of this suit is that it covers up her skin and protects it. It protects and looks great at the same time. There are many different suits you can check out. They are very stylish and adorable and it is hard to pick just one. You can check their site out HERE.

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