Saturday, May 4, 2013

Silky Polish With a Conscience Review

I wanted to share Silky Polish with you today. If you are trying to find that perfect Mothers Day gift I would check out Silky Polish With a Conscience. When I was introduced to this product, I just knew that I had to try it. 
What mom would love most for Mother's Day is a manicure gift basket. A product that you could put in this gift basket it Silky Polish. What is Silky Polish you may ask? Silky Polish is 5 free, non-toxic, hypo allergenic and pregnancy safe. I really like how it is pregnancy safe, due to I could never find a product that I could use during pregnancy. Where was Silky Polish when I needed it? I used to love to paint my nails all the time, but quit during pregnancy. Another great fact about Silky Polish is that it is certified vegan, cruelty free, and eco friendly. If you guys like to recycle, a great fact is that these kit box's are made from post consumer recycled paper.  

When I received the Silky Polish for review I was impressed in the cute box that the kit came in. The kit that I received was the Vibrant Silks Kit. When I opened the box I was amazed by the colors that were inside. This kit contained three colors and they were Dupion Tang, Tussah Glow and Viole Serenade. Then the kit also had the Silky Herbal Remedy Base Coat and the Silky Wet Look Topper top Coat. Than there was a little surprise inside the kit and that was a beautiful nail ar brush. What I really about this kit is that it package tightly so your polish is protected and will not break. What is great about this box is that you can use it to store your polish or you could use this box in so many different ways. I am personally going to use this box for my polish due to that I have a two year old and a five year old. Their are other option for this box such as keeping it to put your nail supplies in.

The Silky Herbal Remedy Base Coat. When I use a base coat I am very picky on which base coat I use. When I use my base coat it is the foundation of painting the nail. If the base coat is not great than the whole process will not turn out the way you wanted it to. With Silky Herbal Remedy Base Coat I was impressed with the quality of the base coat. Silky Herbal Remedy Bast Coat infuses vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin E and Equisetum herb into your nails. This helps your nail stay strong and healthy. You can use this product as a daily remedy to strengthen and heal your nails. You would apply three times a week. You could also use this base coat to protect your nails from the nail polish you want to apply. 
Dupion Tang is the first polish that I tried. This polish retails for 12.50. When I saw this color I was not sure if I was going to like it. I am not a huge fan of orange colors. Although when I tried this color I was amazed on how pretty it looked after I was done putting it on. When I applied this nail polish it went on smooth without any streaks. I was pretty impressed due to the color of the polish. The end results is that it looked like a perfect pretty bright wild orange. I would definitely wear this color again during the summer. I am proud to say I have a new bright wild color to my nail polish collection. 

The next color is Viole Serenade. This color retails for 12.50. Viole Serenade is my favorite color out of all three colors that I received. This color is a perfect for the spring/summer days that are coming up. When I tried this color I was pretty impressed of the boldness of the pink but how pretty it looked. When I applied this perfect shade of pink it went on smooth with no streaks or smears. I can not wait to wear this shade out to wedding that I will attend this summer. I would recommend this color. 

The last color polish that I received was the Tussah Sunglow. This polish retails for 12.50. Tussah Sunglow grew on me when I applied this polish. I would definitely wear this color to the beach or a pool party. This color is a bright yellow that looks like a sun color. When I wore this polish out I received several complements on this color. 

Finish up with Silky Wet Look topper. This retails for 12.50. After applying Silky Polish finish it up with Silky Wet Look topper. This top coat makes your painted nails look amazing. Also the top coat helps protect your nails for days on after applying the top coat. 

Overall with Silky Polish I was impressed of the quality of this product. When I applied all three colors it did not leave and streaking looks and went on smooth. Also I noticed after applying the nail polish it dried pretty quickly which is also another great plus. This kit would make a great mothers day gift for mom. If your mom loves mani and pedi buy her this collection. Get her something special and something she will love for mothers day. You can find their product on their website.


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