Thursday, May 16, 2013

See No Scar for Summer

Are you a parents like me? I can already predict this summer there are going to be a lot of bumps and scratches. I also predict a lot of mosquito bites this spring and summer. We are already experiencing those nasty mosquito bites and it seems like it will be a bad year if it is like what we are experiencing now. I wanted to share with you a great product that will help with those bumps and scrapes with your children this spring and summer. Also it will with those annoying mosquito bites. This product can also help you with those shaving opps that we experience every once in awhile. Mama Mio has this amazing product called Mama Mio See-No-Scar that retails for 37 dollars. This product is proven to help jumpstart the skins healing process. Which helps fuel skin regeneration below the surface. By this process it improve the scar treatment by improving the texture, depth and the color of the scars. This products ingredients contain Dimethicone and Vitamin E form a shield to protect scars and encourage their healing within. I know as a parent this will be a must have for spring/summer for my kids. I know when my children go outside it seems within minutes they scrape their knees up and now I know what product I will use to help keep those nasty scars away. What will you be using this summer? Mama Mio products may be purchased at

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