Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Potty Patrol Diapers Review and Giveaway

Check Out Potty Patrol alarm diapers for toilet trainingAre you experiencing that stage with your child on potty training yet? Well I have found a creative way to help you get started on potty training. Potty Patrol has a fun unique way to help alert your child when they start going to the bathroom and you can hurry them to the bathroom an sit them on the toilet. Potty Patrol comes in a one size for girl and one size for boys. They have a starter kit which makes things a lot easier for your. What came in my kit was 24 diapers and a potty patrol alarm. The diapers look like a normal diaper and they have a blue line running down the diaper. The purpose of the line is to detect if your child has wet. On the front of the diaper there are to metal clasps that you clasp the potty patrol alarm to. If your child wet's the alarm with start playing twinkle twinkle little star. This alarm let you know that you need to get your child to the bathroom ASAP. When I tried this with my daughter she started learning to go to her potty seat more often and we got into a routine. These are great reminders and help you get your child into the bathroom. Overall opinion of this product is that it is effective. I think it depends on the child and if they are ready to start potty training. I personally found this system helpful an would recommend it. 

Potty Patrol has offered a giveaway for one Potty Patrol Starter kit. You get to choose if you would like a boy or girl starter kit.  a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Love this starter kit! My son sure could use it!

  2. This kit is awesome!! I would love to try it!

    Teresa @ Freebies 4 My Family :D Come Visit!

  3. This would definitely come in handy with my son when we start potty traingin :) -Lauren Mueller*

  4. Well, diapers are very useful product for every baby and your blogpost about diapers reviews is really wonderful. Thanks!!

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