Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nature's Flavours Review

If you are trying to find something for mom this year that is unique and not what you normally would get you. I found a great Natural and Organic store that you should check out for Mothers Day. Nature's Flavors has been creating from the essence of nature for over 25 years. Nature's Flavors carries over 8,000 natural and organic products. Nature's Flavours is the leader in the nutritional wellness. If you have a mother who loves to cook that Natures Flavours is the store for you. Their goal is to bring life to the culinary creations. All organic product are USDA certified and they come from the purest sources.

Natures Flavours have sent me several products for review. They sent me several tea packets, Food Color Rainbow Pack and kids Organic Mouth wash.

When I saw the Food Color Rainbow Pack it caught my eye and I was very interested in this product. You can use this rainbow pack of natural colors in your culinary confections. You can use these Natural Colors in beverages and a variety of baked goods. This would be a fun for kids to use to make something special for their moms on Mothers Day. Ideas that you could use the Food color Rainbow Pack for is waffles, pancakes, breads, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, icings, pudding, yogurts, smoothies, shakes and malts. These are wonderful treats for mom on her special day. What I also like about the flavors is they are natural and not artificial. Although this would be great to use for Mothers Day they will also come in handy in many other occasions.

The next product that I was able to review was their Nature's Flavors Organic Mouthwash designed for kids. This mouthwash that I received came in a 8 oz fl bottle that is grape flavor. It is also Alcohol Free. What I like about this product is my son is always wanting to use Mouth Wash and I have been on edge whether i should let him use it or not. When I got to try Nature's Flavors Organic Mouth wash I have found a great safe product I can rely on for my son. It also a major plus that he likes the grape flavor to the Mouth Wash. This product is made from all natural ingredients. It also comes in Cheeky Cherry and Bubblegum flavor. This helps my son get in a routine of using mouthwash for great hygiene. When he gets older he will know what to do.

I enjoyed learning about Nature's Flavours and what they have to offer. They have a great variety of natural and organic products. Their is something for everyone at their store. The one best thing if your mother like organic product or natural ingredients products. This special store would be a great place to get something special for mom. You can find their product on their website 

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