Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mothers Day Retinol-X Review

I know as a Mother I love to pamper myself at time. Retinol-x is an Anti Aging Starter Kit and is a great way to pamper your self this upcoming Mothers Day. Retinol-X understand that woman are more concerned in today society with our skin. Every mothers dream is that they want there skin to look perfect and have their skin look line free. We tend to want that youthful appearance, I know I do. Sometimes women want to go to drastic measure and invest in plastic surgery or Botox injections. What if I tell you that their is a safe way to get the kind of look that you would with plastic surgery and Botox injections. That product would be Retinol-X. This product is a new cosmeceutical skincare product had made just for you. 

I received their Anti Aging Starting Kit. This starter kit come with Cleanse, Repair and Hydrate. The first step with this kit was the Cleanse. This is a Anti Aging Gel Cleanser that come in a 2 fl oz tube. The cleanser is a foaming gel cleanser that removes makeup and other impurities that your skin may have. I noticed when I applied this cleanser that it was very gentle to my skin and was not harsh. This cleanser also cleanses deep down in your pores. This product gently exfoliates your skin to help make your skin look healthy and great. This product has vitamin E in it and this helps long term and creating a smooth and firming results. Overall I saw a great difference in this product and did not break out my skin and my my skin have a glow to it. 

The second part of this kit is the Anti Aging Eye Lift. The one part of my face that I do not like is my eye area. I always have dark circles and starting of lines by my eye area. This product is to help those lines and the puffiness under your eyes. When I tried this product I saw a difference right away. I noticed a lifting around the eye area and made my eyes look a lot better. What I really like about this applicator is made just right where it smooths on right where it suppose to go and not anywhere else. I fell in love with this product because my eye looked so much better after using this product. I am usually trying to figure out how to hide my eyes when I am going out and now their is no need to.

The last step is Anti Aging Moisturizer. This moisturizer is supposed to help hydrate your skin and prevent lines and wrinkles. This is a better option than needles that hurt. When I tried this moisturizer it rubbed in quite well and felt great on my skin. This helps to firm your complex, moisturizer, strengthens your skin and also rejuvenates the skin. When I tried this product it made my skin feel great and smooth after using it.

This kit made my face feel great and I saw a great difference after using Retinol-X. I felt great and I felt that my skin looked more youthful. I was excited that I did not have to turn to Botox or Plastic Surgery to make my skin look good. I just had to use Retinol-X. What ar you waiting for this Mothers Day? Pamper yourself today and stop by

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