Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mont Blue Review and Giveaway

Trying to find that special gift for mom this year. I have found a great unique shop called Mont Blue. Mont Bleu Ltd is one of the worlds leading suppliers of glass nail files. These nail files are not your average nail file, but glass nail file that is beautifully designed. Their glass nail file are made of high quality Czech glass. Mont Bleu offers and delivers their products all over the world. Mont Blue offers a variety of different unique products that you will fall in love with.

 Mont Blue let me review a couple of their products for Mothers Day. The first product that I received a normal size glass nail file and a mini nail glass file. The normal size nail file was beautiful when I took this out of the package. The nail file came in a black case that protect this nail file. When I first looked at this product I have never seen anything like this product. When I tried this product I was not sure if it would actually work. I was kind of skeptic. This looked to pretty in my opinion for it to actually work. Although when I tried this product it worked better than a normal emery board. Also I like on the top where you hold it is designed with crystals. It looks beautiful with the different size crystals on the top. 

Than I also received a mini nail file as well. The design of the crystals look very similar to the large file. This nail file is a lot skinnier and shorter and you can actually put this one in your purse for on the go. For those nail emergency's that we all face when we are out. This mini nail file also has a black protective case as well. I fell in love with their mini nail files because I can fit in my purse and it does not take up that much room. Also it looks classy then a regular emery board and does not break like and emery board would.

The last item that I received were a pair of earrings. I am usually not a earring kind of gal. When I took these out of the package I cleaned them and instantly put them on. They were not to big or two small. They reminded me of a rainbow crystal. They are hypo allergenic which is important to me. I try to get majority of my jewelry hypo allergenic because I tend to break out. These look great with some of the outfits that I had. They where very nice I and I fell in love. 

Overall Mont Blue has a great variety of products and I am now a huge fan. This would be perfect for mom who likes to have mani and pedi and would make a great gift. You can find more products from Mont Blue on their website.

They also have agreed to host a giveaway. This would be a surprise pack from Mont Blue. Enter Below



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