Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mastic Spa Review and Giveaway

 If you want to treat your self to the spa than you should visit Mastic Spa. When I first found about Mastic Spa I was very impressed with the variety of different product they carried and they also carried men and women products. If you are trying to find something special for mom you may want to spoil her with Mastic Spa. This would make a great gift basket idea.

The first product that we got to review was the Aqua Mare 27 Spf.
This product come in a 1.7 fl oz jar. This product is used to moisturize your skin and help protect your skin from the suns rays. This product contains the following ingredients: Mastic, Mastic oil, Hemp oil, Vitamins E complex, Mushroom, Dmallow, Apricot kernel oil, Jojoba oil, Macadamia nut oil. This product is great helping protect your skin and help keeping your skin look youthful. This product contains antioxidant and anti wrinkle properties. When I tried this product out I really liked the smell of the cream. First I cleansed my skin before I started with this product. I first applied the cream in the morning. It was a nice smooth cream and than I spread it all over my face. Including the neck area. This product rubbed in well in my skin and left it feeling soft and smooth.
The next product that we got to try was OliveEye & Face. This product come in a 1.7 oz jar and contain organic oils. This product ingredients contain Mastic, Mastic Oil, Olive Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Flower Pollen, Liposystem Vitamin A, E & C, Aloe, Macadamia Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil. This cream a 24 hour that is used for the face area and around they eye area. This helps reduce the noticeable wrinkles that you see on your facial area. This product helps sooth and moisturizes the skin while it regains it natural glow. When I applied this cream my first thought of the cream was very soft. I applied the cream on the face and around my eye area. Then I continued to rub the cream in circular motion into my skin. Overall I like this product it rubbed in my skin well. It also did not break out my skin which some product will do that. After using this product my skin was soft and smooth. I also could see a difference around my eye area while using this product. 

Cocoa Butter Cream Bitter AlmondThe next product that I was able to review was Coco Butter Cream Bitter Almond. This product came in a 5 fl oz jar. This product helps your skin become hydrated and keep hydrated. This product help very dry skin. The ingredients that are found in this product are Body cream with coco butter, butter germ, mastic oil, bitter almond and rice oils. I have dry skin and I fell in love with this product. It helped provide a deep care for my skin. When I used this product I applied the coco butter on my body and massaged it in my skin until it was fully absorbed in. After applying this product you could feel how smooth and soft your skin was. This product is a must have for me, since I have dry skin.
The next product that I was able to review was their Brightneser. This product comes in a 1 fl oz. It also contains Organic oils in this product. This is an Glow Anti Aging and tightening serum. It contains a composition of rich and active natural ingredients in this product. The ingredients that are in this product are mastic and olive oil. The ingredients in this product helps replenish the lost glow. When I applied this serum I rubbed in circular motions all over my face. After using this product I noticed the soften of my skin. This product also helped moisturized my skin. This product will help you maintain that youthful and vibrant appearance that you are looking to obtain.
Revital Hair Mask 
The next product that I was able to try was the Revital Hair Mask. This product come in a 5 fl oz. This product I normally would not use but was interested in trying. This product is an intensive care and rejuvenation mask for all types of hair. The ingredients that are in this product are pure mastic and olive oil. This helps provide a deep care for your hair and helps rejuvenation without making your hair feel heavy. How to use this product is that you apply the mask after you get your head wet. Than you massage the product in your wet year. You leave this product in your hair about 5-10 mins than you wash the product out of your hair. I was pretty impressed with this product. After rinsing it out it did not feel greasy nor did my hair feel heavy.

Diamond RevoLiftHere is a great product for mothers this year for Mothers Day. Diamond RevoLift and this comes in a 1 fl oz. I love how this product come in a container that looks like a diamond. This product is a long lasting tightening firming and anti aging effect. This product contains the following ingredients such as Mastic, Mastic Oil, Diamond Sirt, Macadamia nuts oil, Fialgrinol, Vitamin E, Provitamin B5, Hyaluronidase, Soy Bean oil and Soy bean extract, Organic Rosemary. This product has a conjugated compound made of Siliceous dioxide micropspheres covered by a diamond aggregate which binds a Sirtuin like peptide for the use of intensive anti aging treatments. When I used this product I applied it to my skin that I am having wrinkle problems. I noticed after a few uses of this product that my skin looked brighter, better tone and my skin was smoother. The problem areas also soon to disappear. I really fell in love with this product. Great to spoil mom for Mothers Day this year.