Saturday, May 11, 2013

Home Spa Lily Organics Review

This year spoil mom with Lily Organics Home Spa Kit. Lily is a USDA certified organic grower and USDA certified organic manufacturer of natural and USDA certified organic skin care products. Lily Organics was the first original Colorado organic skin care company and is the 7th generation American grower. A fun fact to know about the Lily's Family is that they have been forming sine the American Revolution. During 1986 she decided to start Lily Organics Fresh Skin Care. It started as labor of love and sold to the first Wild Oats store in Boulder and one of the first Vitamin Cottages. Now these wonder products are available for everyone to enjoy!


I recently was able to review HOMESPA the Home Spa Relaxation on the go kit. This would be a great kit to give mom for Mothers Day this year. Let her have a day of relaxation. When you decided to use your Hope Spa kit you have to set 2 hours aside to enjoy the full effect of this kit. You will be able to relax, reflect and re energize with this two hour kit. This Home Spa Kit contains cleansers, astringent, herbal moisturizer, facial herbs, hot oil treatment, botanical enzyme exfoliant mask, lotions, creams, incense, bath oil, candle, cotton balls, relaxing tea, meditations and eye toning pads. When you use this kit it is a one time use for this kit. In this kit you will also receive a step by step instructions for your spa kit. 

When I tried this kit I was amazed on how I felt after using this kit. I felt very spoiled for two hours. The hardest part of this kit was finding the two hours to treat myself. I felt refreshed after using this kit and in a better mood. I would highly recommend giving this as a gift for your mom for mothers day!! You can find their home spa kit and other product on their site.

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