Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Father's Day Build-A-Bear Workshop Review

Do you have that special Dad or Grandpa that you are trying to find that special gift for? Well this year my children and I wanted to find something special for Grandpa. I know many of you know that I am a single mother and I am very lucky that my father has stepped up to be that male figure in my children's life. So this year when I was able to review two friends from Build-A-Bear I was very excited. Build-A-Bear is truly one of my my favorite companies and they never disappoint me. This year for fathers day they have several different themes that would be just perfect for Dad or Grandpa. They have different outfit themes like Harley Davidson, Fishing, Military, Police, Firefighter, Favorite Movie Characters, Sport Teams and so much more.

When we were coming up with ideas for which fury friend to choose for Grandpa, my son came up with a special idea. When he came across the Buzz Light Gear outfit he knew that was the perfect gift for Grandpa. My son and his grandpa would spend many night watching Toy Story together and that is their movie. I can not tell you guys how many times I go downstairs and they are sitting together watching Toy Story. My son was very excited to be able to get his Papa this special present. We received a monkey stuffed Build-A-Bear in Buzz Lightgear Costume. When we took him out of the box I was very impressed on the costume and how well it fit the monkey. The costume is a 4 piece set. The first piece is like a purple helmet that goes on your furry friends head. On top their are holes for your furry friends ears. Than their is a vest with is a shirt and this part of the costume has the most details to it. On the back of the vest it has a jetpack and wings just like buzz. On the front there is a green section that has button and it says light year. Then their are pants to this costume. I love the shoes that are buzz theme also. That adds the special touch. I would highly recommend this for Fathers Day. If you do not like buzz and have another special superhero that your child shares with Dad or Grandpa I would check out Build-A-Bear and see if they offer it. This would make a special gift.

If you have a father or a Grandpa that loves sports than Build-A-Bear has that special animal for them. My dad is a huge fans of the Lions. When I saw that they offered this costume I knew it would make the perfect gift for him. Build-A-Bear offers different teams and different sports. They offer NBA, NFL, NHL, NBL and I believe they offer select college teams also. When I saw the lion's team outfit I knew that this was the one. When we received our furry friend I was impressed on how cute and great our new friend looked. I forgot that they had a lion and was super excited when the lion was in the costume. Common since of course Detroit Lions. This costume is great quality. I love the helmet. I think the helmet is my favorite part of the whole costume and make it for me. Also I love how the lion has the jersey for the lions and the football pants. I am always amazed of the shoes that Build-A-Bear offers. I love how they look just like football cleats. The bottom of the cleats really look like cleats and have bumps. It looks so realist. Build-A-Bear really is the best.

I know when you think about Build-A-Bear Workshop you think that it is for just kids. Let me tell you they keep surprising me on how wonderful their products are. Their products last a long time and great quality. They have something for everyone babies, kids, teens, young adults, moms, dads, grandparents and ect. They have made me a huge fan that they have something for dads and grandpa's. What are you waiting for? I would head to their website and see if you can find that special something for Dad or take you kids to a local Build-A-Bear Workshop to pick up Dads gift!!


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