Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Enjoy Mothers Day With Char Crust Review/ Giveaway

Are you looking to cook your mom something on the grill for Mothers Day? Well are you looking for something extra spice for your meat to make it an extra special mothers day. I would recommend investing in Char Crust. This line of seasoning was started in Chicago Steakhouse in 1958 back than they only had two flavors available Original Hickory Grilled and Roto Roast. The steakhouse close 20 years later. Although you do not have to worry their dry rubs continue to be sold in other Chicago restaurants. Well now today they carry about 10 different flavors of their dry rub seasonings. 

I was able to try their Hickory & Molasses and Ginger Teriyaki. What I really like about this product is that they are individual packets and they are very easy to use. You apply the seasoning of choice all over the meat or fish that you choose. Than you can spray the pan you are using so the seasoning does not stick to the pan. So I decided to try the Ginger Teriyaki on chicken. I followed the directions on the box and dredged the chicken in their seasoning an it was easy. Then I grilled them out on my grill. I loved how their was a nice char crust and a great hint of taste of ginger teriyaki. This would be the perfect seasoning to have for Mothers Day dinner.

You can purchase their product HERE.

Char Crust Has nicely offered to giveaway Gift Pack of Char Crust. This includes 3 packs of Char Crust.

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  1. I would like to try the Hickory and Mollasses

  2. The Hickory & molasses sounds really good!!

  3. Hickory & Molasses on steak! YUM, YUM!

  4. Hickory kind for sure!!

    Teresa @ Freebies 4 My Family :D Come Visit!

  5. I would like to try the Ginger and Teriyaki on my grilled salmon.


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