Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ellie Review

  Does your mother like to work out on a regular basis? Does your mom like to jog? Well I have a great site that you can visit and see if you can find something for mom for Mother's Day. I had a great time learning about Ellie athletic clothing. You can start by visiting their site and taking their quiz. By answering these questions they will pick out a few outfit that they think that will fit your style well. After taking this test the styles that they choose for me were just write for me. I was very surprised that they choose the correct style for me. I tend to be very picky when it come to clothing. 

I was able to receive a top from Ellie for review for Mother's Day. When I received the package it came in a pretty purple package. It was wrapped up in white tissue paper. When I took the top out of the package I noticed on how soft the top was. That was a major plus for me. I know when I am working out I want to feel confident. With having the right clothing is very important during your workout. Ellie in my opinion has nailed to a t with the style of clothing and the quality. The top fit great and when I was working out I could still breath in it. I would highly recommend if you like working out, you should check out their website.

If you are looking for new styles of workout clothes each month. You have found the right site. That is correct Ellie offers new styles each month. I would highly recommend Ellie for Mothers Day. You can find their clothing on their website.

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