Thursday, May 30, 2013

Doc McStuffins: time for Your Check Up DVD Review & Giveaway

Doc McStuffins: Time For Your Check Up
Released on May 7 2013

What I love about Disney Junior is that both of my children can agree on that channel. Majority of the time they both like the same shows that are on Disney Junior. One of our favorite show that is currently on Disney Junior is Doc McStuffins. This show is one of our favorite TV shows. When we learned that we got to review a copy we were very excited.

Time for Your Check Up is the second DVD compilation for Disney Junior's hit show. This DVD recently came out on May 7, 2013. This DVD aim for kids ages between 2 -5 years of age. Doc McStuffins is six year old girl who tells a story about nurturing and healing her stuffed animals and broken toys. She takes the broken toys out to her backyard to her playhouse which is a clinic. When Doc is in her clinic she has her team of stuffed animals to help her out. You will see Stuff and overly proud dragon, Lambie who is her best friend, Halli who is a hippo that is a nurse and Chilly a snowman who spend a lot of time getting checkups at the clinic. She helps toys that have loose stitching, low batteries or has a leak. To the rescue is Doc and her friends.

What I love about this DVD you get the following episodes
Gulpy, Gulypy Gators
One Not Wonder
Tea Party Tantrum
Blast Off
Arcade Escapade
Starry Starry Night
Bronto Boo Boo
Brontosaurus Breath
Doctoring The Doc
Hot Pursuit

When we received this DVD for review my daughter was super excited and we had to put it in ASAP. We watch all of the episodes several times. They where very excited to see Doc on her adventures and help the toys that need help. Both of my children sat down and had fun watching DOC McStuffins. There was not surprise here that it was good. I do not want to spoil and tell you about the DVD but it is a must have if you have small children.

You can find this DVD where DVDS are sold!

I will be giving one copy of Doc McStuffin to one lucky reader. Enter Below

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  1. This dvd wold be great for my 3yo niece

  2. My grandson loves to watch this show! And with a new baby sister on the way, a DVD would be great, he can watch it at any time!

  3. Oh my goodness! My daughter loves this show!!! And I'll admit I love it too! -Lauren M

  4. My daughter loves Doc McStuffins!

  5. my two boys, 3 and 9(who is a special needs child) they both like Doc McStuffins- and this is about the only one they also both agree on watching... They would love to have a Doc McStuffins DVD to watch anytime...

  6. The kids love Doc McStuffins!

  7. My daughter LOVES Doc Mc Stuffins! We have Disney Jr and she watches it whenever it's on!

  8. THe dvd would be great for roadtrips!! They love Doc and so do I she is so cute and it is an easy show to watch with my kiddos.

  9. My daughter would love this! Her favorite is Chilly. :)

  10. My favorite is anything Doc Mc Stuffins!! Watching it right now with my little man!!

  11. Keeping my fingers crossed to win this DVD. My daughter would be so happy!

  12. My granddaughter love Doc McStuffins!
    maggietucker10 at yahoo dot com

  13. My kiddos would love this for quiet time!

  14. both my daughter and niece are big doc mcstuffins fans

  15. We love Doc Mcstuffins in this household!!

  16. Love the doll and the DVD.

  17. I said I had something in my eye and three year old son said he had to give me a check up and said I had stuffinmyeyeosis, he said it wasn't serious but he had to blow in my eye and miraculously I was cured...he is accepting new patients and accepts all insurances and comes with his own theme song (Time for Your Checkup) which he sings himself...Pahahahahahaha!!! :o)


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