Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Diamond Veneer Review

Why don't you spoil mom for mothers day this year. What are you waiting for and stop by  Diamond Veneer is introducing the revolutionary process of treating Cubic Zirconia. This contains a film of Carbon Diamond particles. During this process the end results in a flawless G Color on the diamond color scale. This is a new concept and Diamond Veneer is making everyone think twice about how we feel about Cubic Zirconium Jewles. During this process the veneer of carbon diamond crystallized around the whole gem and it creates a perfect cut Cubic Zirconia.

When I received this pendant in the mail today, I was not sure what to think about this pendant. My thoughts before opening the box was would it look fake or would I like it? Today my pendent came in a white box and when I opened the white box. A black jewelry box was inside the white box. When I opened the box what was staring me in the face this beautiful shiny pink pendant. It took my breath away on how pretty it was. It was a shiny pink pendant that was breath taking. This pendant was a 1.5 CT (7.5mm) round with bail, simulated diamond. Diamond Veneer solitaire pendant set in sterling silver platinum electroplated hanging stationary on a 16" fine tiffany style chain. I was quite impressed with the quality and appearance of this necklace. I would actually perfer this necklace over other ones I have seen. I would highly recommend looking into this necklace for your mother for Mothers Day. It is regular priced at 120.00 but do not worry Diamond Veneer is going to give our readers 50 percent off. Their are many beautiful jewelry pieces on their site. They have a great variety on their site and I spent a long time looking through their site. You can visit their website here. 

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