Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Build-A-Bear Mother's Day Review

A perfect gift for your Mother, Grandmother or Great Grandmother is a plush friend from Build-A-Bear. I thought Build-A-Bear is a special and magically place for a child. What I think is even more magical is a gift from a child from Build-A-Bear. When you enter Build-A-Bear store that is when the magic begins. You start by choosing that special critter that you want to give as a gift or keep for yourself. Build-A-Bear has a variety of different critter like teddy bears, rabbits, frogs, dogs, cats and so much more. After choosing your critter you wait in life to bring your special critter to life. During your wait you can pick out a special sound or special message for your critter. After bringing your special critter to life you than can leave them plain or dress them up before you bring your critter home. You can even fill out a special birth certificate for you new friend.

For Mother's Day this year Build-A-Bear has a few ideas special to celebrate moms, grandmother and great grandmothers. I received these two beautiful bears and the outfits that they are modeling to review. 

The first bear that I received is a beautiful tie dyed pink bear. I am leaning towards this bear of being my favorite one for Mothers Day. This bear would make a great gift for Mothers, Grandmothers and Great Grandmas. This bear would make them feel extra special. This bear came with a cute shirt that has MOM in the middle of the shirt. Than there are surrounding words around mom and describing mom. There are words like kind, generous, loyal, awesome, one of kind and there are even more words to describe mom. It also comes with a sash that says Happy Mother's Day. The Mother's Day sash as that extra special feeling for that bear. It also comes with a cute denim skirt. At the bottom of the skirt their is little Rhine stones that goes around the skirt. I really like how they  added the Rhine stones to the skirt. Then the last accessory to this bear is the shoes. I love the shoes that come the bear. They are a silver shoe with a flower on top. You can also get the outfit and choose another animal if you like. I would recommend this one for great grandmother and grandmothers. I believe that this one has that special touch.

The next Build-A-Bear that I was able to review brown bear that had a spa outfit on. I thought this was the most clever Mother's Day outfit/animal. We all know mom love going to spa's and getting spoiled. Do you have a mom or grandma who loves going to the spa. Than you have found a great gift for her. Give her a special bear with the Mother's Day spa outfit. I fell in love with the bathrobe outfit that the bear came with. It had a robe, cucumber mask that goes over the bears eyes, and a towel cover for the bear head. I thought that this outfit was the most unique that I have ever seen. I love how they made the cucumber mask. That was my favorite part of the outfit. The bear also came with bunny slippers. I thought those were very cute and added to the bear and the cuteness. 

Build-A-Bear has always impressed me and they have done it again. This year they have made Mother's Day special. They are offering Mother's Day themes and would make great gift from children to their moms, grandmothers and great grandmothers. I know it can be hard shopping for grandmother and great grandmothers for gift from children. You do not need to look any further and stop in at Build-A-Bear or you can even order on line.

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