Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bio Scriptive Review and Giveaway

#Mothers Day is coming up and I know all the mothers out there want perfect skin. Well I came across a couple of products that I wanted to share with you before Mothers Day. Bio-Scriptives carries a variety of different skincare product to help your skin look the best it capable of.

Bio Scriptives have let me review two of their products. The products that I was able to review for Mothers Day were Alo-Verix and Repiderm.

The first product that I was able to review was Repiderm. Repiderm is a acne treatment that is formulated with a mix of 16 herbal extracts and essential oils and 4.4 percent benzoyl peroxide. This product is an advanced acne treatment. This product can be used in multiple ways to clear acne and prevent it. This product can help prevent acne blemishes, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. What I really like about this product is that this product can be used by itself.  Other products have a multi step to complete.

 There are several candidates who will benefit from this product. Patients who suffer acne. Patients who are suffering and who are tired of dry skin. Patients who want to find a product that will actually see results and require fewer steps.
When I first tried this product I cleaned y skin throughly before I applied Repiderm on my skin. I covered the affected area on y face with thin layers of Repiderm. You can do this step up to three times daily. When I first tried this product I started with one application daily. If this is not working for you, you can gradually increase up to two or three times a day if needed. If you see any dryness or peeling of the skin occurs, you need to reduce the application once a day or every other day. Here is an important if you are going to be outside for the day make sure you apply sunscreen after using this product. If you notice a irritation for both of the products stop using asap.

The next product that I was able to try was Alo-Vera. This product is a deep moisturizing cream. This moisturizing cream is targeted for people who have dry skin. This helps keep your skin hydrated for everyday use. This product does not contain any of the following petrolatum, wax, paraffin, mineral oil, or parabens. This product contains non irritating amino acids, fatty acids, aloe vera, shea butter and reveratrol.

When I tried this product I loved the smell of the product. I also like how I can use this product as a everyday moisturizer. When I first tried this product I made sure my face was nice and clean before I used this product. I pumped out a generous amount. I applied a generous amount on my skin. You can use this product twice a day morning and night.  After using this product my face felt nice and soft using this product. I really liked how this product made my skin feel.

If you are looking to pamper your mother for Mother's Day I would recommend looking into Bio Scriptive. They have a great line of products for your Mother. They are also affordable which is great. You can find their product at their website. 

Bio Scriptive is going to give one winner for Emmy's Deals one of each of these products for Mothers Day. Bio Scriptive is responsible for suppling and shipping the prize. Enter Below

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  1. I would love to try Repiderm. I'm 55 years old and still get breakouts! UGH!

  2. anything that helps with breakouts is my fav :D

    Teresa @ Freebies 4 My Family :D Come Visit!

  3. The repiderm! I need something gental to help clear up my face.

  4. Would Love to try repiderm! -Lauren Mueller*


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