Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beauty Box 5 Review

Are you looking for something to spice up your Mothers Day this year? If you are that mom who loves makeup, than Beauty Box 5 may be that subscription box for you. Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription where you can sample different kinds of cosmetics. This gives you the opportunity to be introduced to new brands of makeup each month. You have several option with this monthly subscription. You can sing up monthly 12 dollars a month, quarterly 30 dollars a month you save 6 dollars, or you can sign up for 100 dollars and you get two free months. Sign up by the 14th of the month to receive the currents month's beauty box.

This month I received five samples in my box. What was included in my box this month was Model Co Lip Shine "Tease", Bodyography Makeup Primer, Demeter Roll on Perfume Oil, The Brush Guard Variety Pack, and Coolway Boost.

The Model Co lip shine called "Tease". When I picked this lip gloss up I instantly fell in love with it. This lip gloss stood out from all the other ones I have tried. I also liked the tube and one of the side has a built in mirror. I really like that feature. It comes in handy having that mirror on the side and you never know when or where you are going to use it. When I tried this lip gloss it had a great scent to it not that normal lip glossy scent. Also when I applied it, it was not sticky at all. You can wear this gloss just as a gloss or it will go perfect over that lipstick. It will give it that extra glossy shimmery look you are looking for. I was surprised with this lip gloss and is definitely a keeper. This lip gloss is .14 fl oz and retails for 16.00.

Bodyography Makeup Primer is the next product in my box. When I tried this product it had a great clean scent to it. I was surprised on how well it smelled, usually when it come to makeup primers they have weird smell to them. This product helps hide those fine lines, prolong the wear of your favorite foundations and help prevent collagen breakdown with this oil free, anti aging primer. When I tried this product I was amazed by this product. When I first tried this product my first thoughts that it was not going to be able to rub in well and also be greasy. When I rubbed it in, it rubbed well and did it job. I was quite surprised on well it rubbed in my skin and hid the imperfections. After applying to my skin it was baby soft instantly. I was quite impressed and is my favorite makeup primer as of now. This product retails for 30.00 for 1 oz.

Demeter Roll on Perfume Oil was the next item in my box. I was super excited when I saw this item because I love new perfumes. The name of this roll on perfume is Cherry Blossom. When I took the cap off to smell the scent to this perfume it was kind of hard to get the scent. I applied this perfume on my wrist to see what the scent smelt like. This perfume was not super strong, although it was perfect for me. It had cherry scent and floral scent together. It is a nice floral scent to it. Cherry Blossom retails for 10.00 for .29fl oz.

The Brush Guard Variety Pack was the next item that was in my box. I really liked the concept of the Brush Guard. I know their are times that you need to travel or have a girls night out and you need to bring one of your make up brush's with you. Although you are afraid to bring them with you because you do not want them damaged. The brush guard that came in my box came in a extra small, small and medium. I really like these because they fit my brushes and now I can put them in my purse and I do not have to worry about damaging my brush's. You can buy these in a four pack for 5.50.

Coolway Boost is the last product in my beauty box. When you use this product for your hair, you want to make sure that wash your hair with shampoo first. After doing this you want to apply generous amount in your hair. You would want to use about 2-3 teaspoons. It depends on the length of your hair.  You want to work this through your hair and scalp evenly. You want to leave this product in your hair for four minutes and rinse out with warm water. You can either blow dry your hair or let it air dry. This product retails 39.95 for 8 oz.

I would say for 12 dollars a month you are getting a great deal for these great samples that were in the Beauty Box 5 this month. In each box you will receive a card that will tell you about all the samples that are in your box. It will also let you know about the product and retail price. This box is about 100 dollars worth of products for 12 dollars. I would highly recommend it. I was impressed it the quality of this subscription box this month. This would be a great present for mothers day. You can find more information about their Beauty Box 5 here. 


  1. The Bodyography Makeup Primer was in the Beauty Box Five I reviewed on my website. I agree, it works well, I just couldn't stand the smell of it. Check out my Beauty Box Five review:

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